#LoveCarex Lovehearts Liverpool Event!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Last Saturday Gary and I popped into Liverpool city center (only a few minutes walk from we live really) for the exciting Carex #ShareTheLove event happening at Mr Simms sweet shop - YAY! Not only did we get adorable photos (perfect for my Instagram haha), we got to visit one of the best sweet shops in town, and find out all about the new Carex Lovehearts products which launched June this year.

Ohh Deer Papergang Subscription Box

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

If there's one thing I want to be known for, it's that I'm a collector of fine stationery. Some people have wines, some people collect pins, stamps or dolls. Me? I'm all about those paper good. Gimme all the stickers (this is why I sell my own too haha!), give me more notecards, and I want more notebooks that I could ever realistically need. That's just who I am.

So when I heard that Ohh Deer do a stationery subscription box 'Papergang*' I was all over that shiz like a moth to a flame. I tried out July's box and it was hella effing cute!

6 Things I NEED In My Home*

I always seem to have an endless wishlist of things I want for our home, and there are definitely things which are more important than others. By more important I simply mean I WANT them so badly I fawn over these things regularly.

Even though I consider myself a very colourful person, I always seem to be drawn to white, clean products and hints of copper for homeware. It's something about the clean, stylish look which draws me in and makes me want to be a grown up, haha.

The six biggest things on my wishlist right now are (L to R, T to B);

1. The beautiful birdcages shown above, from Joy The Store. I don't even know why. But look at them! Beautiful.

The #GGEvent Goodybags

Today I wanted to give a huge thank you to some of the brands involved with the #GGEvent I've been planning - and which happens this week!

There are a whole host of brands involved, and today I thought it might be nice to feature the guys who helped put together the goodybags. I'll be doing another post just for the raffle stuff too this week, so keep an eye out for that!

There are some really amazing brands involved, and the great thing is that there is a range of big and small brands who took the time and care to make this special for us. I am so, so grateful.

First up we have one of my favourite brands ever - GOSH. The lovely team over there sent over a lovely bunch of products for everyone's goodybag, including; lipsticks, lip liners, foundation drops, nail polish, powder, eye pencils and much more! So I'll be putting something in everyone's goodybag and each person will have something different. I can't tell you how excited I am that they're supporting The Girl Gang!

Sunday Catch Up & New Makeup Look

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Another Sunday has crept up on us, and that means I get the chance to kick back and share with you guys my tales of the week, woo!

It's officially FOUR DAYS until #GGEvent which means I am in full panic mode, checking over goody bags, checking raffle prizes, making notes on all the brands involved so I can thank them all, etc. And basically just not sleeping haha. I'm sure it's going to be a great day though, I'm SO excited to meet everyone!

Also in the past week, as you can tell from the above photo; I've been playing with makeup again.

Super Dorkface.

Glossybox August First Impressions & Exclusive Offer

Friday, 19 August 2016

After enjoying last month's Glossybox review so much, I'm back with August's to see how it plays out again - and I'm excited. Yay! This month I've only had a little chance to try one or two of the items, not all of them and certainly not thoroughly. So I thought today I'd share my first thoughts and impressions with you guys.

So let's see how August shapes up, eh?

My very, very first thought when unboxing was - YES, better than last month already. For two reasons, skincare and makeup. I really love that they added the MUA palette as I think MUA are a pretty good brand considering how cheap they are. I have two of their palettes already and I know I'll probably like this one too. Considering there are a lot on nudes in here, it's probably going to be great for day to day casual looks.