Wedding Wishlist, Ideas & Plans

So as I'm sure all of you now know; I recently got engaged. Among the champagne celebrations and staring at my new ring for hours on end, I've been planning the wedding already in my head.

Nothing absolutely set in stone of course, I'm simply enjoying looking at dresses, venues and pinning ideas on Pinterest. I suppose this is the nice easy part, the beginning, before all the stress.

I've always known what sort of wedding I want to be honest, and I really hope I can pull it off. I thought I'd share with you guys my first ideas I've been putting together, and it'll be fun to see how these things change nearer the time really.

Autumn Makeup With A Twist

I love lots of colour, and no matter what look I'm going for, I always like to make it vibrant if possible. So with Autumn now here, I've been looking for ways to alter my everyday makeup look a little.

I wanted something fun and unique, but leaning towards the Autumn hues and not necessarily sticking to the nude/brown shades. I wanted some hints of purple and gold too, as they're faves of mine and I thought they seemed appropriate for the season.

Faves In My Mailbox: Lipstick, Jewellery, Phone Stuff.

Hello hello helloooo!

Did you like my Rupaul impression? No? Okay I'll stop.

The past two weeks have been awesome for goodies in the mail, so much so that I couldn't wait until next week to show them to you guys (when I originally scheduled this post!).

I was lucky enough to be sent my own set of personalised matte lipsticks* from Crowd Colour; all featuring the Dorkface name and an extra dose of sass! The novelty of such pretty and personal beauty products is enough to draw me in; but the products themselves are so lovely that they're something I keep coming back to.

10 Things That Make Me Feel Better After A Shitty Day

Bad days happen to us all unfortunately, and we all have our own ways of dealing with them. Today I thought I'd share with you guys some of my top tips on how I deal with those days that leave me wanting to just get in bed and ignore the world.

Hope it helps!

1. A good moan always help relieve whatever is bothering me; so let it all out! Phone your bestie, rant to the other half while they rub your feet, or simply rant on snapchat; fuck it.

2. Run yourself a hot bath, pop in a bath bomb/some oils, light some candles and relaaaxx. PERFECT.

3. Watching stand up shows always helps me get out of a bad mood. Before I know it I'm laughing my ass off. Faves include Louis CK, Chelsea Peretti, and Chris Rock.

Trying The B. Range At Superdrug

A quick post today to share my joy at finally trying some of Superdrug's own B. range of makeup products - yay!

I recently logged onto Superdrug's website and filled my basket with my usual loves, when I spotted the B. makeup range which I realised I'd never tried before. They had some fantastic bargains on, so I didn't see the harm in adding a few things from the range on there too! Any excuse to buy more makeup really.

I'm Engaged!

Yes, he popped the question!

Apologies to anyone who already knows this and caught the news on social media; but I had to do a little blog post to celebrate our great news. On September 16th at roughly midday; Gary got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Never in my life have I been more shocked, overwhelmed, and happy. I of course said yes immediately.

Gary and I have been together since May 6th 2011, so almost five and a half years ago now. We met in the strangest of ways; through randomly starting up a conversation on Tumblr. Rather than it turn out to be like a bad episode of Criminal Minds though, it actually ended up being wonderful.

Through our constant chatting online, phone calls, and travelling to visit, we got to know each other more than we had with anyone else before. We discovered we both loved Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, we both had a lot of creative hobbies, and we both kind of wanted to travel around the world, but also kind of wanted to just play video games in our pj's too.

Party Style With Simply Be

It's creeping closer and closer to the end of the year, and that inevitable 'party season' where we all get a bit more glammed up and glitzy.

I myself don't particularly do parties; but there are lots of family plans, special blog events, romantic meals and drinks out with the other half, and seeing friends for a cocktail or two after work. With Autumn and Winter just around the corner; I love to embrace darker colours, add a little glitter where I can and look my best in outfits that are appropriate for all these types of events.

Keeping this in mind, Simply Be recently got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to try anything from their amazing selection of partywear, and I browsed their website for what seemed like hours, trying to decide on what awesome piece I would choose.

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