The world is a canvas

Hey guys 🙂
I fancied doing a bit of a personal post today, in relation to the little creative side of myself.
Some may know I’ve always loved Art, and studied it for years too. But for a while I’d lost my inspiration and my creative juices just didn’t seem to be flowing.
Im hoping to change that. 
Today I found an image I’d started a while ago, a small watercolour painting that really had just the base done. I felt like vamping it up a little, and out came the paints..
I’m a huge fan of really hands on, messy, spontaneous Art and I hope mine reflects that a little. I also like keeping some beauty and fun in everything I do.
I have actually drawn over this watercolour with a pen also, to give it a bit more texture.
I do realise Im no Picasso! But I love my personal work and I love creating new little pieces. And I think that’s what its all about really. Just going with an idea and letting your creativity out.
This piece has actually got me inspired to make a little series of watercolour characters, which I’d like to display altogether as a set of small lovelies.
What do you guys think? How do you express your creativity?
I will possibly do another post in the future with some of my larger work I’ve done. But watch this space this this little mini series 🙂
Thanks! xx
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