10 Reasons to love yourself

1. You are totally and 100% unique.

Of course you are!

2. There is nobody else in the world exactly like you.


3. You have people who love you.


4. You have interests, and it makes you interesting!


5. You have talent. You may not have figured what it is yet, but that’s okay.


6. You have fears. This isn’t a bad thing, it makes you human, and lovely.

Especially if you try to overcome them anyway.


7. You and only you, get to decide who you are going to be.


8. Nobody else has a laugh like you.

Whether its a cute giggle or a crazy lady screech like myself.. Love it!


9. You are blessed. You have things others don’t.

Simple things that you may take for granted. Try not to ?.


10. You are beautiful.

Stop worrying about your skin, hair,body shape, etc. NOW.

There. Now smile. See, beautiful.



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