10 Things I’ve learned from other Beauty Bloggers

1. Coconut oil is a GODSEND for dry/damaged hair.


2. Apply a thin layer of glue underneath glitter nail varnish for easy peasy peel removal.


3. Baby shampoo is a fantastic brush cleaner.


4. Anyone can contour!


5. I’m not the only one who leaves makeup on overnight (sometimes!)


6. The #bbloggers chats are full of useful tips and friendly bloggers.


7. A good highlighter can hide dark circles.


8. A good camera is really important. Getting accurate and clear photographs, especially swatches of makeup, is impossible without a decent cam unfortunately.


9. Checking out some reviews of a product can help you decide before you buy.


10. Finding blogs you love can inspire you so much, and help your own blog.

I’ve learned a lot more and I’m sure I will continue to for as long as I keep blogging.

What tips/things have you guys realised since you started blogging?




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