15 Happy Things

It’s always good to take stock of things and count blessings, however small. Sunday’s just seem to be the best day for that, as we come to the end of another seven days.


So with that in mind, (and in no particular order) here are 15 things that made me smile this week;


1. Taking Luna out on her cat lead for the first time. Hilarious.


2. Getting this in the mail.


3. Having an awesome meal and drinks with some other Liverpool bloggers, yay!


4. Buying the prettiest and most colourful dungarees from Primark.


5. Adding to my Tsum Tsum collection.


6. When Gary got home from Plymouth.


7. Baking chocolate cupcakes, and them turning out great!


8. Feeling creative and getting some DIY posts done (to be published soon!)


9. Finding a Pineapple skirt; SO perfect for me!


10. Watching Identity Thief. Seen it before but Melissa McCarthy is amazing.


11. Watching Sleeping Beauty in bed cuddled up with Gary and Luna.


12. Taking some time to work in my art journal.


13. Making plans to finally meet Becky! Very soon! ^_^


14. Having this weekend off, when I very much needed it.


15. This blog. This little place of mine; it always makes me smile.


I hope the next week brings you all smiles and luck 🙂


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