My Tsum Tsum Collection

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter already, you’ll probably already know of my huge love for the Tsum Tsum collection from Disney. An adorable array of every cute little Disney character you could imagine (in small plushie form), it’s really become an obsession of mine to own them all!

But since I’m not quite a millionaire yet, I’ll have to start small. So far these are my little babies I’m already in love with. I have Bambi, Daisy Duck, Marie and my most favourite; Ariel. I knew Ariel had to be one of the first ones I purchased, as The Little Mermaid will always be my favourite Disney film.

I think the small and adorable style of these plushies appeals to my kawaii side, and I can’t wait to let my collection grow immensely. I already have two more in the post being mailed to me as I type this 🙂 – I won’t say which ones though, I’ll post again soon as I collect more Tsum Tsums.

Do you like Tsum Tsums? 🙂



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