Friday Five 9#

I hope you guys all have fun plans for the weekend! 🙂 I’m probably going to be working my ass off, but that’s not a bad thing. Today’s Friday Five is a bit of a mixed bag… let me know what you think.

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Five things I wish I was better at;

1. Amazing impressions (great party trick, no?)

2. Being classy (because I’m just really, really, really not.)

3. Maths.

4. Writing humorously, eloquently and effectively.

5. Saving money.

Five things I hate;

1. Bitchy people.

2. Worrying about nothing important.

3. Wet socks,

4. People who moan about things they have the power to change.

5. The dentist.

Five goals for the next week;

1. Take some time away from the computer.

2. Sort my outfit for the bloggers blog awards.

3. Plan something absolutely amazing for someone (can’t go into it, they read this blog.)

4. Make someone’s day.

5. Get really ahead of schedule.

Five confessions;

1. I have no idea what I’m doing.

2. I hate my appearance so much.

3. There’s still lots I like about myself though.

4. I cheated once. (I hate even typing this one. I HATE that I did this.)

5. I hate even more how good it was. (I’m hoping people don’t hate me now. This was years and years ago and I’m just being brutally, painfully honest here).

Five inspirations this week;






Two or three of these have been named before; but for damn good reason. Check ’em out!

Have a beautiful week, make someone smile, take care of yourselves.

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