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tsum tsums

tsum tsums

I haven’t done a Tsum Tsum post in ages, eek! Truth be told I haven’t bought any in a few weeks; sacré bleu! I know. I’ll be rectifying this by buying lots more every week now haha.
Recently I got given these three new Tsum Tsums by one of my besties, Laura. How nice is that??! We have Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas (almost Halloween, eep!), Lucifer from Cinderella and Sven from Frozen – yay! Three absolutely fantastic choices Lauz, nice one girl 😉
I have to say I think my ultimate fave here is Lucifer! Just look at that adorable face. Plus I have to be honest, I hadn’t seen a Lucifer one around before! So I was totally surprised and thrilled when Laura gave me this.
And now I’m wondering what ones I should buy next, and I thought I’d ask for help from you guys; with a little vote, yay! I’ve listed a couple of faves I’ve had my eyes on, so click below and let me know which one you think I should get first (I say first, because I will be getting them all at some point!).
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Which of these Tsum Tsums should I buy next?!

Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Jasmine (Aladdin)
Genie (Aladdin)
Alice in Wonderland
Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

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  • Aw they're so cute.. I love them xx