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As you may have read from my recent post, I was lucky enough to win two awards at the Bloggers Blog Awards; one of them being Best Social Media Account (for my Twitter). Why you ask? Well, I can’t tell you to be honest. I talk a load of old waffle, sometimes swear, chat away like there’s no tomorrow and generally be annoying. So I’ve no idea, I can’t help you with that one.

I can however say a HUGE thank you to the lovely peeps over at Jewellery Box, for providing such a beautiful prize. They had created a tree full of jewellery boxes, each filled with something different. Gemma over at JB added a wonderful personal touch by including products she thought would be perfect for me, and she was oh so right!

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I realise this post is very photo heavy, but I couldn’t help myself! I wanted to share as much as possible, and I haven’t even photographed everything that was included. I was gifted with rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, a nose ring (yay!) filled with unicorns, lightning bolts, clouds, my initial, dinosaurs and much much more. The amount of choice Jewellery Box has is absolutely amazing! I felt they had made such a great effort to make this prize really perfect for me, and I’m o grateful.

I think if I had to choose from everything, my favourite items are the bracelet with little lightning bolt and cloud on (found here), the beautiful teardrop shaped ring (found here) and the adorable rose gold arrow ring (found here). 

I’m so lucky to have won, but to also have a beautiful prize made up for me like this; well, I was speechless! Thank you so, so much to Jewellery Box, and also to Gemma for attending the event and chatting to us in person. This is always so nice, and a great way to get to know faces behind brands!

Now go give them a visit! 🙂

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