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Thursday, 26 November 2015

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That's pretty much my response to my recent blog post about wanting to start a #TheGirlGang ! I never in a million years expected it to get such a huge response so quickly, and with such opportunities. I felt I HAD to get things rolling quickly, to keep up with it, and that I have to do this second post so that I have one full complete post with ALL the details you guys will need.
Okay so if you haven't already, go and read this post, as it'll explain the premise behind this idea. I want to create a special part of the blogging community; that will look out for each other, support and send encouragement wherever we can. Spreading some real joy throughout the blogging world.

So what specific things will happen with the Girl Gang?
I will share a newsletter updating you all on giveaways, creative challenges, showing love to specific members (all about that blog love!), scheduling Twitter chats, possible future events, merchandise (yes I'm going to make sure we have badges, patches or something pretty as a token!) and EVEN A BLOG AWARD. Yes that's right, I'm teaming up with Hayley who has kindly allowed a new award for 2016 to be added to the categories - BEST GIRL GANG MEMBER. And the extra amazing part? I get to choose the winner. It'll be open to absolutely anyone, whether a professional blogger, or a brand new blogger! Old/young/beauty/fashion/lifestyle/creative/travel - whatever! It doesn't matter. What does matter is their encouragement and support throughout the blogging community. I'll be looking for people who are always spreading good vibes, and who uphold the Girl Gang message!

So who can join?

Anyone! Girls, boys, whatever gender you identify with is always welcome!
I only ask that you share the button provided in some way if possible (sidebars on blogs are a great way to do this!), and you try to help me make this gang a POSITIVE one! We're all here to support each other.

How to join?

1. Use the button, if you wish!

Copy and paste the code in the box, anywhere you'd like to display it on your blog (I'm generally assuming you'll know how to add HTML in).

2. Sign up for the newsletter here.

It will never be used to spam your inbox. We all get enough of that, am I right?

The newsletter will be sent out on the 1st of every month.

And finally, shouldn't we start a Twitter chat for this? It just seems right. We've already began using the #TheGirlGang hashtag which I'm so happy about - and I hope you guys continue to use it! For anything and everything positive. But a chat will be a scheduled place for us to really get to know each other more, and spread a message of encouragement and kindness.

So the first Twitter chat will be THIS MONDAY (30th Nov) AT 6:00PM and will last one hour using the #TheGirlGang hashtag.

There are plenty of chats out there, and it's always hard to find a space that suits everyone without butting in on the time of another chat. So I've tried my very best to organise a time that works for me, and is hopefully convenient for you guys too. It will be every week, same day and time, and will cover a range of topics that I aim to make as wonderful and different as possible. It will have a huge range of topics discussed from week to week, as I think we'll all find that way more fun!

This Monday? We're talking 'growing up' :) (With a bit of a twist...)

So that's it guys, I think I've waffled on for long enough. Sign up below, get involved with the hashtag, pop the button on your blog and spread joy through the community!

I already gave giveaways and a blogger appreciation challenge planned. Make sure you're ready!
If this much has been achieved and put together after one day, imagine what we can do together in the future... #TheGirlGang for life.

I love you all so much xo

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  1. Such a great idea hun - all joined up and ready to go. I have the 30th in my diary :) xx

  2. This is the cutest idea ever! There's always room for more positivity and encouragement, and this is such a great way to be involved in a community! Signng up now, and I'll add the button when I'm home! :)

    Dani x

  3. This is such a beautiful idea, I have been seeing this brought up on my timeline quite alot & now understand what it all means. I am new to this blogging world & this is the perfect way to get to know & have a community. I am in absolute love with this, already signing up <3 - With Love, Celeste

  4. Awesome I will fill in the form now! Won't be able to make tomorrow's first chat 😔 as I'm off to Disneyland Paris xxx

  5. I love this idea!! just joined and I'm super excited
    Ellen x

  6. Great idea! I can't wait to join the chat!

    Melissa xoxo

  7. I came to this article by the chat from tonight, and I must say I'm very enthusiastic about this idea! Gonna sign up asap!

    Xx Ilse

  8. Love this !!! Just joined !!

  9. I've just subscribed to this, it sounds great :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  10. yes yes yes totally signing up to this ... i feel like I'm 11 years old again with my gal gang haha all about spreading those positive vibes! Massive karma points to you my lovely xxx


  11. Sounds like a great idea. Will sign up later today!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Such a fun idea! I thought I might be a bit old for #girlgang at 40 but apparently not ;) I feel like a girl guide again 😃


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