Wanna Be In My Gang?

Please feel free to play Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' at a good level while reading this blog post, because it's about to get feminine up in huuuuurrrr.
Okay shut up Jemma.

I've started a a bloggers girl gang!

It started out as a cute doodle, and then developed into a fully forming idea taking over my brain. There's always room for some more positivity in this bloggosphere and I'd love to contribute to that in some way. Enter our girl gang, The idea is that you can take this cute button below, and display it on your blog.


If you display it on your blog, it's your way of telling everyone you're a member and you're sticking to a small and fun set of rules. The rules are as follows;
1. You promise to spread joy, kindness and positivity in the blogging community whenever you can.
2. You believe in celebrating diversity.
3. You recognise that you are absolutely beautiful, and awesome.
...and that's it! Yay. Not bad eh? So when you see someone with this button, you know they're a fellow member. You know this is a lovely little addition to the blogging world, and they're a supportive member.
And finally, WHY SHOULD YOU?
Two reasons here. 
1. There's always gossip, negativity, bad feelings, some sort of bitchiness going around unfortunately; but I genuinely believe taking small steps like this makes a huge difference - and I would love more and more people to take part in trying to overcome that.
2. Freebies! I'll be creating wallpapers, graphics, and possibly even a future zine for members! I'll do anything I can to show you support and make things fun however I can :)
I really hope a lot of you get involved, take the button, and spread this lovely idea :) Be in my gang, and we'll make this blogging land a little more positive I think...

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