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Hello GG members, and anyone else who may be visiting! :)
I wanted to create a full FAQ page for all the questions I get on a regular basis now regarding #TheGirlGang. If I direct you here on Twitter, or if this seems a little extensive; I promise you it's only because it's absolutely necessary at this point now. With so many members, I've found that my Twitter/Email/Facebook inbox is FILLED every single day with questions and requests that I simply can't keep up with any more. In fact I regularly panic about looking so ignorant. Especially as I design full time and have so much work outside of blogging/GG that I do, I just have to make that a priority and sometimes I can't reply to everyone (though I do try!).

So here we have it. #TheGirlGang full FAQ page, which I will update often. If you notice anything missing which I should address, please DM me on Twitter, or email me. Thank you.

What's #TheGirlGang all about?
Trying to spread a little joy, making a supportive community where members can help each other with anything, positive thinking and a little bit of magic. I fully believe having a positive network like this can help spread kindness and good things!

How do I join?
You can 'officially' join by signing up to the newsletter HERE. You can also use #TheGirlGang hashtag to interact with other members, follow the social media channels, or add the button to your blog. The button can be found IN THIS POST

Do I have to put the button on my blog?
No, not at all. It's just a great way to find other members, grow our community, and help others if they aren't sure what #TheGirlGang is.

Do I have to sign up to the newsletter?
Nope, not at all! However, you will not be added to the members list otherwise, and you will also miss out on exclusive content to the newsletter.

What if I want to update my email address for the newsletter?
That's fine! Go here, enter your old email and it will ask you if you'd like to update your email address for future newsletters.

Are there any rules?
Nope. Maybe just don't use the hashtag in a negative way?? But really, no. No rules here.

Can anyone join?
Yes! Absolutely anyone can get involved!

Do I have to be a girl?
No, we have lots of members who do not identify as female :) This is fine!

Do I have to be a blogger?
Nope, we have plenty of non bloggers. It started in a blogging community, and I myself am a blogger; so it's bound to be mostly filled with bloggers. It's definitely not a requirement though.

When are the chats?
Mondays at 6pm GMT from the @thegirlganghq account on Twitter. All hosted by myself.

Do I get a confirmation email?
When you sign up, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription.

I didn't get the newsletter, why?
Have you signed up? If so, double check you confirmed your subscription, or try signing up again!

How often is the newsletter sent out?
On the 1st of every month! :)

I signed up AFTER you sent out the last newsletter, can you send it to me now please?
I'm so so so sorry, I can't! This costs me each time I email it out.

Is there official #TheGirlGang social media?
Twitter - @TheGirlGangHQ
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/thegirlgang1/
I have a Pinterest board here- https://uk.pinterest.com/dork_face/girlgang/
And you can browse the hashtag on Instagram! :)

How do I find other members?
Browse the hashtag, get involved with weekly chats, join the Facebook group, follow the Twitter account and keep an eye on the newsletters (Will feature lovely members each month!).

Is there merch?
Yep! I have made some things on Redbubble if you wish to rep our gang! Find them here.
I also asked the lovely and talented Beau Brannick to make us unique patches (photographed above!) which you can buy here. I asked Beau as I'd known her a long time and wanted to support her talent, and I wanted her to be our official patch supplier! :) You don't have to buy anything at all (and I don't profit in any way from these patches by the way!) but it supports small business and that means a great deal to me. It's what #TheGirlGang is all about. SUPPORT! :)

Will there be events?
Yes! 2016 will see our first event. Nothing is planned yet, but I will be organising them 100% myself, so please bear with me. I will do multiple, because with a membership this huge we can't all be at one event at one time unfortunately (and we have international members!). But I will be organising everything from big events with lots of members, to small local coffee catch ups, days out to the beach and more! Seriously. I promise there will be lots!

Where can we find updates?
Signing up to the newsletter, and following the Twitter account is the absolute best way to keep up to date on all events, chats, giveaways and other fun group activities! You can also follow my Twitter @dorkfaceblog as I'm sure I won't shut up about it all.

Who helps you run #TheGirlGang ?
#TheGirlGang is created, owned and run by myself (it's not as if I own the idea of girl gangs, that would be absurd! I just mean this particular group/account/etc). I have two amazing little helpers at the moment though- Sophie (find her blog and social links here) and Olivia. You can find Sophie helping on the Twitter account a lot, with RT's, mentions, news. And you can find Olivia (blog and socials here) over on the Facebook group. She's the other Admin of the group and helps with any info/questions people have, and also is just a fun person to get awesome group chats going! They are both amazing, and I was friends with them a long time before I created #TheGirlGang, which is why I trust them and appreciate them so much.

Do you need any help?
I'd love if other members replied to anyone they see enquiring about #TheGirlGang ! Or directed them to any links they need, etc. That would be wonderful! As for everything else, I'm okay thank you. This gang is my pride and joy at the moment and I want to keep it close to my heart. When I need help/contributors of any sort though, I'll put it on Twitter asking!

Am I allowed to make a GG ____ or _____ ? (Insert project of choice)..
Umm... this one is kind of tricky. I hate saying no... but also.. I just can't say yes to this. If it's something I am associated with and using #TheGirlGang hashtag or the gang itself in some way.. I'd much prefer people to message my privately about it. For example, I've had people message asking if we could have #TheGirlGang book club - and that's great! I will be sorting this very soon and I've asked this particular person if they want to be in charge of that. But then there's other examples, like when someone made GG merch, with my artwork on, and put it up for sale, AND asked me to promote it. Then one almost made me cry to be honest. I'm putting in so much hard work every single day and not asking for anything, apart from people to just not steal my ideas/artwork to make money. I'd argue that it's taking money away from the creator, but I'm not even making money myself. So please, please, please... ask before you make/create any projects specifically for this group?

Does #TheGirlGang mean always having to be nice?
I myself am not always 100% nice. There's people I don't like, things I moan about, times I'm not a happy chappy. TGG is simply a reminder though to try be kind, and nicer whenever we can. It's not a rule (although nastiness won't be tolerated!). I just hope this simple reminder can make a difference.

Will there be a GG blog?
No. One day I will have a full website set up just for all #TheGirlGang info, downloads, details, shop, etc. But no, there will not be a blog. THIS blog is my home, and I regularly promote members with their own blogs every single day on Twitter, and in the newsletter anyway. We don't need another place for our blog posts. Plus, as a full time designer, who does social media work on the side, runs my own blog, AND trying to run #TheGirlGang - I just honestly couldn't keep up with another blog. But by all means write about anything TGG related, and tag me and I'll RT it for you :)

Are you making any money off #TheGirlGang?
NOPE. The only possibly TINY amount of money would be from the Red Bubble sales - which has to be over a certain amount before they pay me (I haven't hit this anyway yet). And even if they did pay me, it would simply be a couple of pounds. Then, with that money it would only be put towards #TheGirlGang in some way. Probably to keep the newsletter going. - Once we hit 2000 subscribers it's going to cost me about £30 a month to email it out to everyone. So I'll be out of pocket if anything.
Is there an award?
YES! Thanks the gorgeous Hayley (find her blog here) there will now be an award for #TheGirlGang member of the year at the #BloggersBlogAwards - YAY! I will have the final say over how the winner is chosen, but nominations will still happen. The winner will be someone who has made a positive impact within the community, and always tries to encourage and spread joy.

For blogs that don't have Twitter, how can other members follow us?
If you fill in the sign up form for the newsletter (leaving out the Twitter question obviously); then you will be put on the members list with your blog URL (assuming you provide it) and other members can still find you then.
Oh my. That was a lot. Still got questions? (Really???) Okay email me then.
I love you all.
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