15 Ways To Be A Unicorn

15 ways to be a unicorn


Before you all think I’ve gone a little mad with this blog post, bear with me. You know those rare people who go through life and seem to leave a little trail of sparkles behind them wherever they go? Yeah I want to be one of those people. I want to be a unicorn. I want to be a little bit special, I want to leave an impression, I want to be sparkly and cute and full of joy.

Here’s how I plan to be more ‘unicorn-like’…

1. Embrace glitter! I plan on adding a little more glitter and colour to my everyday makeup (Lima is a huge fucking inspiration for this) and glitzing things up a bit. Total unicorn feelz.


2. Speaking of colour; bring more into your everyday outfits! Even if it’s subtle. Cute pink glittery shoes, or a vibrant handbag can make a dull outfit seem a little bit more special.


3. Spread a lil joy. Go on, make someone feel all mushy and nice ^__^ I have some tips here. That’s v unicorn-like IMO.


4. Paint each nail a different colour, because why not?! The rainbow look is in (okay I dunno but I like rainbows).


5. Make your Instagram theme a little brighter, more colourful, and happy.


6. Be fearless. Unicorns are majestic creatures who take leaps and bounds into the unknown. Take a risk!


7. Chase your dreams. Whatever it is you really wanna do in life, take a step towards it’s today. Research the role, take a class, speak to a mentor.


8. Exude confidence. Stand tall, chin up, eyes forward, and full smile. You got this.


9. Visit Lush. Because let’s face it they have every product under the sun to make showers/baths more magical (including the Unicorn Horn bubble bar!).


10. Be different. Figure out how you can stand out in the world, and really be remembered. It can be for how you make people feel, or what you do with your time.


11. Dye your hair a crazy colour, just once in your life. It’s fine, you can change it back if you hate it. But experiment with that magical mane.


12. Be yourself. Unicorns are not sheep. They are unicorns.


13. Educate yourself. Aint’ nothing more beautiful and magical than a person bettering themselves from the inside out. Learn a new language, find out how something works, or why it doesn’t.


14. Take your time. Unicorns do not run on anyone else’s schedule. Do things at your own pace, and revel in each new step you take.


15. Take a stand. Be passionate and stand up for what you believe. Be a voice for those who don’t have one, and don’t back down when faced with difficult times. We’re all tested in some way or another, but we get to choose how we handle it.


So there we have it. My fifteen steps to being a total unicorn/bad ass babe.

I’ll be printing this list off and taping it to my wall as a daily reminder, and I hope it helps you guys feel a little more special too.

Will you be trying to be a little more ‘unicorn-like’?



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