Cutest Toy Haul

I’m probably the female version of Peter Pan; never wanting to grow up. My birth certificate might reveal me to be 27, but my heart is telling me I’m much younger really.

This week while out and about browsing, I couldn’t help but find myself in the Disney store (as you do). Every time I go in there I’m always captivated by the sights and sounds, the colours and the feeling of utter joy. It still feels as magic as it did when I was a young child to be honest! So I’m always finding a bunch of stuff in there I want to buy (especially Tsum Tsums!)

However this time I was over the moon to see Disney princess dolls, especially Ariel. If you know me by now, you know The Little Mermaid will always be my favourite Disney film. Reduced down to £10, I knew I had to buy her (even if Gary was laughing at me).

After that I popped into Wilkinsons, just to get some cat treats for Luna really – but once again, couldn’t help but be tempted into the toy aisles. I found this amazing My Little Pony plushie – my favourite character; Rainbow Dash! Brilliant.

And the fun/childish mood didn’t even stop there. I then popped into Primark as I wanted some cute bedding of theirs, and when I was queuing up to pay; I spotted some of their mini beanie baby plushies they’ve started selling. I immediately snagged myself two of them; a cute elephant and a pink hippo. I ended up coming home with quite the collection of toys for one day really!

I know I’m a big kid, but don’t judge me. Haha. While my friends are all getting married and having kids… I’m shopping for toys for myself. Definitely normal.

Are any of you guys big kids at heart?

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