Replacing My GHD’s

lilac hair straighteners


I know, that title huh? The thing is, before I’ve even written this post I just know some people aren’t going to believe me; which is infuriating! Because I think I’ve found my new favourite straighteners ever ever ever. I know GHD are like, the holy grail there. But I can honestly admit these lilac lovelies have now replaced my GHD’s in what I choose to use on my tresses everyday.


I was kindly sent the Corioliss Lilac hair straighteners* from JustMyLook, and I couldn’t believe how pretty they were; I was in love! But could they get the job done? Hmm..


lilac hair straighteners

The first things I noticed that were an improvement from my old GHD’s, were the wire length and the heat settings. The Corioliss wire was much longer which I appreciate, because I’m a lazy sod who likes to sit in bed and do her hair while watching Youtube videos. And with them I was able to adjust the heat temperature from 60-235°c which is a god send! The hair straighteners I was using before, were the purple GHD IV Stylers (I must have a thing for purple) and I couldn’t adjust the heat at all. I appreciate this feature so much, as I really don’t want to do any extra damage to my hair than necessary. Being able to use a low setting for ‘quick’ hairstyles is awesome, basically.

The plates use titanium technology to help them glide over my hair effortlessly, and I noticed the difference immediately. True, my old stylers were getting on a bit. But the sleek and smooth feel of these straighteners was a vast improvement. I got poker straight hair in around 5 minutes – no joke. Usually it takes me around 25 minutes – I don’t have super thick hair, but even this difference in time is awesome for me.
If I had to rank them out of 10, I’d honestly give these a 9.5/10. The only downside I’ve experienced is that I can’t see anything regarding a safety setting, where they automatically turn off after a length of time. They might do this, but I haven’t seen anything about it. So that’s the only way my old GHD’s have something over the Corioliss ones.
And to top it all off; these gorgeous babies are just £47.99.
Would you give them a try? Or will you be found taking your GHD’s to the grave, clutched in your arms?
Have a great week!


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