Why I Started A Podcast

Today I wanted to chat with you guys about my latest project (as if I needed another!) – starting a podcast with my boyfriend Gary. For those of you who don’t know, ‘The Odd Pear‘ is a weekly podcast from the both of us, that we had planned for a long time, and finally launched the project last week with the first episode. 

We are both huge fans of podcasts already, ranging from celebrity interviews, medical and psychological podcasts with really crazy and interesting features, survival podcasts, right down to just chatty casual podcasts from people all around the world. Whatever it is, we’re willing to give it a listen. We’ll be at home writing/drawing/cooking, or on the bus with our headphones in, and we’ll have podcasts on in the background (I have one on now as I write this!). It’s because of this interest, that Gary and I discussed starting our own about 6 months ago. We thought it would just be a really fun idea, something nice to do together, and a new media to work with and try experiment creatively. Plus I’m a chatty bastard who doesn’t mind giving my opinion on anything and everything, haha.

A lot of people have never listened to a podcast before, they don’t like them, or they dont understand why we would even want to. But the thing is, if you don’t know this about me already – I love new projects, sharing ideas and trying new things. This ticked off all those boxes for me, so win win. And even just after one episode, we had messages of support, and people telling us how much they loved it – which was awesome! Let me please be clear, this project is something we just want for us either way, as we enjoy it so much. But if we actually get people listening too? Absolutely brilliant!

So here’s the low down.

Our podcast is called ‘The Odd Pear’ as we wanted a short and sweet name that represented us both doing this project together. We’re an odd pair, as we’re very different people, and I just reeeaaally liked the idea of using pears for our logo, haha. Plus it helps it stand out a little I think.

Each week, Gary and I will be chatting about a particular topic; giving our thoughts, opinions, voicing questions, and trying to make you smile. Our first episode was simply a Q&A so we could introduce ourselves to people, but from now on we will have particular topics each week. A new episode will be released each Friday, and you can find it in a range of places. If you use itunes, you can find it here. And if you don’t, you can find the episodes on Soundcloud here. We’re also on Twitter and Instagram using the handle- @oddpearpodcast

We’d love you guys to check us out each week, but if not; at least now you know what we’re about and why I’ve taken on a new project! 🙂

This Friday, episode 2 will be all about HARRY POTTER, woo!

Here’s to another creative project, and trying new things.

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