Happy Tuesday and happy end of May! We’re about to officially enter one of those Summer months, woo! Well, okay if I’m being completely honest here; I prefer Autumn and Winter and I’m already hoping Summer goes quickly, haha. Forgive me! I’m a rainy day… View Post

Bank holiday weekend – we all love it don’t we? Even me, working from home. I know you’d think it wouldn’t make a difference but it does. Everyone seems in a happier mood, there are loads of bank holiday bargains around, and sometimes it even… View Post

It’s National Smile Month – yaaay! As if I needed any more reasons to smile. However I’m someone who is really shy about my teeth, as I don’t think they are my best asset. I’m always a bit hesitant to do a huge full smile… View Post

Hi guys 🙂 I hope you’re having a great week! I wanted to get into the habit of posting more casual, chatty posts featuring ‘new favourites’ of mine. This could range from anything from music, beauty buys, random coffee shops I visit or shopping hauls.… View Post