Vichy Dermablend Foundation

vichy dermablend foundation
If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me banging on about my latest love; Vichy Dermablend Foundation. Now typically, my favourite foundation has always been Double Wear; however, I really feel Vichy might have stolen my heart a little bit.
I’d heard nice things about this Vichy Foundation before, but for some reason I didn’t expect much from it (Why? Who knows!). So when I opened it up, popped some on my makeup brush and started applying it; I got quite the surprise. In fact, it started applying so nicely and giving me a damn flawless complexion, that I actually let out a little ‘Oooh!’.

vichy foundation

I found the coverage to be much better than I expected. I’d say it’s medium to high coverage, but with a lightweight feel which I love. It applied evenly, covering all my little imperfections and still looked natural, and definitely not cakey. It blended easily, and seemed to work with my skin – is that weird to say? Well anyway, it did.
The lasting power of this foundation was really impressive, and I even tested it on a hot day (you know that ONE hot day we had at the start of the week?! haha). I’d happily buy this again, and it’s cheaper than Double Wear too, meaning I’m very happy to have discovered it!
Have you tried this foundation before? Let me know what you think!

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                                          *Product provided for review. All views my own

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