Hair Styling Essentials

I have a weird relationship with my hair, if I’m being honest.

I love my colour, green really is just so ‘me’, and I love having a vibrant shade. I really don’t feel like myself if I have my hair brown, even though that’s my natural colour. I love how shiny and soft my hair feels, and I’m grateful for that.

However, I really don’t like how much I damage the ends of my hair due to constant colouring, straightening, and basically not being very nice to it. I also don’t like my natural waves. They’re the frizzy, barely there kind of mess that nobody wants. Nowhere near straight and sleek, but definitely not a pretty wave/curl. I’ve always spent so much time straightening it and damaging it further, just to ‘calm it down’ a little. So I knew I needed a bit of a fix.

I was kindly sent the amazing H2D Magicurl X3 styling wand* recently, and I thought I might as well give it a little try. Oh, you should know right now that I have tried for YEARS to wave/curl my hair with straighteners and I just can’t do it! Seriously, I’m crap. It just doesn’t work for me. So I can never really have my hair anything but boringly straight.

Until now that is 🙂

The H2D Magicurl X3 is basically a complete set of styling wands for every type of hair and style you could want. There are three different sizes of wands ranging from a skinny one for tight, bouncy curls, or a big chunky one for big soft waves. The set also includes two handy hair clips to keep your hair separated as you go, and an amazing heat resistant glove so you don’t get any nasty burns if you’re a little clumsy like me (yay!).

I’ve absolutely LOVED using the X3 set, for a variety of reasons, so please bear with me while I mouth off about how awesome it is!

The range of sizes mean I’m now in full control of how my waves and curls turn out, and I can opt for a soft, beachy style, or full on curl. There is a fantastic heat controlling option, so you can be as gentle as you like when styling your locks. There is a 180 degree swivel cord, which basically means when styling the back of your hair, you are MUCH less likely to get tangled up in it (this has happened to me!). And it’s now become easier than ever for me to create a salon styled look at home, within minutes. I used to take hours getting ready if I wanted some texture/bounce in my hair, but now I can just use the wand through a couple of chunks of my hair, and I’m ready to go! My hair looks SO much better using the Magicurl X3, and because it styles it effortlessly in minutes, I’m no longer damaging my hair by going over and over it to keep the style in! Winner.

In fact, I’ve actually been having big waves in my hair every single day since I got it; which I think speaks for itself really in how much I love it.

I also truly love and recommend using a Tangle Teezer too! I recently started using the Lemon Sherbet* version (so PRETTY) and it’s so good. Less breakage, less pain when battling my hair in the morning, and looks amazing when brushing through my new curls, and softening them if I wish to.

So basically, I’m now a little in love with my hair again. YAY.
What are your favourite hair styling products?



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