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I’m in my late twenties now, and nearing thirty terrifies me. Skincare is SO important to me, as I’m trying my best to avoid crows feet and smile lines as much as possible. However I’m a happy sort of person, so not smiling or moving my face isn’t an option 😉 So getting some great skincare products is a must! 

I was recently asked by Manuka Doctor if I’d like to give their products a try, and I was intrigued. They use Manuka oil and honey in a range of products, which is supposed to have a huge range of benefits. I haven’t used anything like this before, so I did a bit of research (okay I Googled it…) to see what sort of thing I could expect. Apparently Manuka oil has relaxing properties to help with anxiety, stress, depression, and Manuka honey can help with the appearance of fine lines, nourishing the skin and brightening. All sounds good eh? So I decided to give it a go.

I was kindly gifted the Replenishing Facial Oil*, the Gold Dust Firming Serum* and the CC Cream*.

When they arrived my first impression was a positive one, as I loved the packaging. It looks beautiful, classy and luxurious. I want my skincare to really be special, and make me feel as if my skin is going to be truly looked after; and the packaging is the first thing I judge this on (whether I mean to or not). The products themselves are presented just as lovely, and I was excited to get started using them.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the Gold Dust Firming Serum (£29.99) because of those beautiful looking gold particles in the serum. I love anything sparkly, and the photographs really don’t do it justice sorry! This is a pump application, and the serum itself is soft, lightly (and really beautifully) scented and soaks into the skin instantly. I can’t tell you how quickly this nourishes and brightens the skin without leaving any extra residue. I was SO happy with this.

Those little golden particles disappear into your skin, leaving it brightened and smoothed – love love love this! I’ve been using it everyday in the morning to make me look a little more refreshed than I usually feel. Wearing makeup straight after is no problem, and my skin is soft and smooth, ready for application. I could not fault this product, I honestly adore it. Insert heart emoji here.

The next product to try was the CC Cream (£19.99); and I had mixed feelings about this. It was light, applied beautifully smooth and gave a natural finish. LOVELY. However as I’ve mentioned before to you guys, I’m a full coverage foundation kind of girl, I just can’t resist that flawless finish. So maybe this product isn’t made for me, but it is fantastic all the same. It did cover any redness and leave me looking a lot prettier than my ‘natural self’ haha. To be honest, I might use this for day to day hanging about if I’m not having a full face of makeup on. Because it still left me feeling pretty, and a little more refreshed than usual. So yep, not bad. If you’re someone who regularly sticks to BB/CC creams – you’ll love it.

And finally I tried out the Replenishing Facial Oil (£19.99). I love a good oil, and my skin really does need it. While I’m pretty happy overall with my skin, as it’s never given me too many problems; I do have dry spots and areas that need extra nourishment. I used this Facial Oil every evening before bed, to allow it to soak into my skin. This also says to use in the morning too; but I prefer to just stick to evenings. I found the oil to be ever so slightly (like, a really tiny amount) thicker than my usual facial oil (for reference this is Kiehls Midnight Recovery). It felt luxurious and really left my skin feeling soft; each morning I felt as if I’d had a brilliant treat throughout the night. It took a while to truly soak into my skin, which is why I didn’t mind just applying at night before bed. My only wish is that the scent of this oil could be changed a little. It’s not strong at all, and some might love it; I just wish it was a little sweeter/lighter maybe. But apart from that – I really liked it!

I was so happy I tried our the range, and I definitely feel like the Gold Dust Firming Serum will now be a staple in my skincare routine!

Would you guys give them a try? 🙂 Let me know!

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*PR sample. See my disclaimer for more info.

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