Feeling Fruity With Funkin

God I just love the alliteration of that title.

Hello and happy Monday guys, woo!
I hope the weekend went awesome for you all, you got to party, catch up with friends, sleep, or binge watch Netflix; basically whatever you wanted. Me? I spent it redoing our flat and I’m so happy with how it’s coming along. Even the little changes, like getting rid of old drawers and bringing in nice new little bits of furniture, or moving around the layout of the room a little can feel great. I still have a lot I need to do, but I’m sure I’ll show you all the little changes I’ve made very soon.

Monday’s are a happy day for me, so I’m already in a great mood. Gary finishes work for the week (he works weekends), the #TheGirlGang Twitter chat (6pm!) and It just feels like an awesome day all around.
I know not everyone feels that way though, and having a case of ‘The Mondays’ means you’re feeling particularly ‘mehh’. So I hope if you are having one of those days, it picks up really soon!

Last week I got an awesome package in the mail, courtesy of the guys over at Funkin Cocktails; they’re really lovely little buggers over there. To celebrate Pina Colada day recently, they sent me over one of their Pina Colada mixers (yummm) with some extra goodies in there to really get in the spirit!

As you can see, they spoiled me to THE BEST GLASSES EVER; pineapple shaped ones! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with pineapples on everything. So this was awesome. I also got some Malibu (my fave drink!), pineapple socks, a bottle opener, pineapple phone case, and Barry M nail paint in Coconut Infusion. How awesome is that?

So tonight, I’m enjoying a drink! I’m celebrating Monday being here, and I’d like to invite you all to have a drink with me. Whether you need to banish the Monday blues, have a little ‘pick-me-up’ after work, or you’re happy too – let’s kick back, relax, and pretend we’re on a beach somewhere nice…

If you are on a beach somewhere nice, please attach a photo so I can pretend I am there too 😉

 photo SIG_zpsjqlmpka9.png

 photo VOTE_zpseru7sbqp.png

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