10 Childish Things To Embrace

Getting older is one of my greatest fears, and it’s absolutely ridiculous really. After all there’s zero I can do about it, so I might as well let it go. Easier said than done of course. Ageing is going to happen whether I like it or not (most certainly not, thank you very much).

However, I can take care of myself, and use all the magic potions and creams I can find to make me look younger if I wish. But it’s worth remembering there are aspects of my life other than appearance that could do with a ‘younger’ frame of mind.

There are most certainly awesome aspects of getting older that I treasure, but today I thought I’d share with you guys the 10 things one might consider childish, that I’m determined to hold on to.

1. Jumping in puddles/piles of leaves.
Let’s stop moaning about the weather and see it for the fun it can be eh?

2. Cartoons.
Gimme ALL the cartoons! I wrote a post featuring some of the cartoons I love a while ago, and you better believe my love for all things animated only grows. Whoever said cartoons are for kids seriously hasn’t got a clue.

3. Having fun with fashion.
I’m not saying I’ve ever been stylish, AT ALL. But you better believe I’m a regular Kimmy Schmidt when it comes to clothing. Gimme all the bright colours, glittery trainers, ribbons and fun badges. I don’t care.

4. Playing games.
I don’t just mean popular video games, I mean Monopoly, tag, the floor is lava, Guess Who. Embrace the joy people.

5. Whimsy.
You know those things seen as childish because there’s no point to them, apart from just being fun/interesting/awesome? Yeah, keep doing them. Add a little whimsy to your life. Colour in, doodle over magazines, add fairy lights anywhere and everywhere, add glow in the dark stars to your ceiling.

6. Dressing up.
Not just for Halloween, have fun dressing up anytime! Remember how absolutely brilliant it was putting on a tutu and fairy wings? Go on. Do it, around the house. Dare you.

7. Being silly.
For the sake of it, embrace being silly!

8. Collecting cute things.
This is something I can’t see myself ever stopping. Glittery washi tapes, Hello Kitty plushies, Tsum Tsums, stick on tattoos, buttons – whatever!

9. Loving birthdays.
As we get older it’s more and more common for people to dread their birthdays. I say fuck that, use it as an excuse to do all your favourite things in one day!

10. Making wishes on things.
Stars, candles, rainbows, jinxes. Wish until you’re blue in the face. After all, you never know.

Have fun feeling at least ten years younger guys 😉