New Hair, New Season.

As many of you know, I love a good makeover; especially with my hair. Every few months a change of colour or style can feel like a great refresh, and I was especially excited to bring in Autumn with a new look. Autumn isn’t quiiiite here yet officially, but I’m excited.

Up until last week, my hair was a light turquoise/greenish shade, and I decided I wanted a change. I still wanted to stay colourful though, of course! So I decided a deep royal blue, and purple ends would be a fantastic change. What better way to stay colourful but still embrace the cooler months? Go for cold colours, yay!

So last week I got some extensions from Hot Hair* and some hair dye from Colour Freedom*. Many of you will already know I’m a huuuuge fan of hair extensions, because the problem with colouring my hair so much all year round; is that I need to get it trimmed often to keep it looking healthy, and that can mean it’s hard to grow longer. Extensions means I don’t have to worry, I can have the best of both world. However sometimes it can be tricky to find a supplier that I love and trust.


I was so, so happy with Hot Hair; I think I’ve found my permanent solution here. They have a huge range of wigs, extensions, hair pieces and much more for every type you may be looking for. I always opt for 100% human hair; as I need something I can colour and use heat on for styling. The pieces I got were absolutely beautiful, felt completely natural, and were so easy to use. I chose a dark blonde shade, as that’s what would match my hair closest underneath the colourful dye (after bleaching it!). So if I was going to be applying blue hair dye to them, I knew I needed a shade like what mine was when bleached. And I know I never let mine bleach to completely white, it’s more of a dark blonde.

Anyway, technological details aside – I was so impressed with the service from Hot Hair. I put in my order and it arrived at my door within 2 days – SO much quicker than I expected! The full head set came with clips already attached to each piece; so handy, since a lot of places don’t do this and it can be a nuisance. The quality was unbelievable too, super soft and strong hair. All I had to do was dye it my desired colour – which to be honest, felt like a shame. Even from these photographs you can see what an absolutely beautiful shade they were. It almost made me want to go golden blonde! Haha.

For my dye; I’d decided to go with Colour Freedom (available at Superdrug) in Truly Blue, and Mystic Purple for the ends. The best thing about Colour Freedom dyes is that the bottles of dye are SO generous. I’m used to only using Directions colour pots usually – and although the colours are nice, the pots are tiny so it can end up being really expensive. Colour Freedom now have a huge range of bright colours, in these great big tubs which I can see me lasting a while. Yay! Nice and easy to use, and gave me such a powerful and vibrant colour.

As you can see from the end result, it’s a whole new look for me, but still keeping it colourful and exciting just as I like it. I am SO HAPPY with it guys! I feel like I’ve given myself a nice little makeover, which is really what I needed.

You may also notice from these photos I’ve also been experimenting with glitter in everyday makeup. I don’t think glitter should be restricted to special events or parties – add a little glitz to everyday I reckon.

These pots I use are from the amazing Dust and Dance – a small business I love to support. Each purchase donates 10% to Young Minds; who campaign for better mental health service for young people. This means for every pot you buy, you are literally helping a young person get their own sparkle back. How awesome is that?!

Let me know what you think of my new look? And let me know if you guys like to change your style with the seasons too!

Thanks guys 🙂




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