Sunday Coffee Break

Happy Sunday guys, I hope this week went awesome for you all! If not, tomorrow’s a new start eh?

My favourite type of posts are the ones where I get to simply sit down, have a chat and update you guys on what I’ve been up to. It’s indulgent, and it’s the best. I think they always do quite well comment/stat wise, so you guys must think they’re okay too, which is a relief! 🙂

Where to start?!
Well this week I’ve added new things to my Etsy store; I’ve been dabbling with more watercolour and ink paintings and it;s been SO much fun. My new kitty and giraffe prints are the product of friends dropping suggestions as to what they’d like to see in store – do I really appreciate when people suggest things to me! I just hardly get any spare time lately to just sit down and let art happen. I’m lucky enough to say that I’m in a position where I always have orders coming in, for blog headers, portraits or sticker packs etc. But the downside is that leaves me no time to really just create for myself. The ironic thing is, when I do find time to create for my own enjoyment (like with the cats and giraffe paintings) they actually sell really well, haha. So that’s a win win. But as I say I have very little time to do that, so I try to make the most of it when I do. But I’ve loved doing these this week!

What do you guys think?

This week I’ve been taking a lot of photographs, to say the least. I was asked by Swatch to take some photos around Liverpool in some sexy sunnies they sent me (this is not an ad, just saying… hahaha). Well I great intentions, and I did get one or two nice ones that I was happy with, like the following…

I was feeling all bright and happy, and for once I didn’t mind my ‘natural’ hair (by natural I mean not styled/curled/straightened). But the thing is, it was a SUPER windy day guys. So a lot of photos ended up being like this…

Haha. You might have seen this on Twitter. I tweeted it out and we all had a big laugh. I look wild, don’t I? It’s alright, it’s still a happy-ish looking photo I reckon haha.

As well as that, I spent a day or two taking LOTS of photos for Instagram (I like to bulk take them in preparation lol – geeky I know), lots or future blog posts, and some other randoms (Luna was lookin’ real cute this week).
I really love editing photos, even though I’m not the best. I love seeing how you can make an image look so much better, like magic.

Our home is currently a huge collection of boxes everywhere; The Girl Gang event prep is taking up a lot of space that’s for sure. Our hallway is lined with boxes and piled right up to the ceiling, and there are more in the office too. I’m not the tidiest person in the world but it’s even making me feel anxious, haha.

Gary goes to Plymouth on Monday to see his family and is there for four days, which is quite a quick visit in the grand scheme of things; but I’m gonna miss him so much! Is that really lame? Do I sound pathetic? Haha. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get SO much work done, because I always work better when he’s not around to distract me. But this guys looks after me so much, cooks every meal, makes sure I take a break, cleans around me and is generally the loveliest boyfriend ever. So I’m worried I’m going to be A MESS for the week haha. I am totally challenging myself to make it a success though if possible. I wanna get loads of work done, get ahead of schedule, make sure the whole house is clean and tidy, cook actual meals for myself rather than relying on ready meals or takeout, and feel like a proper independent grown up. Oh, and I also have plans to see friends for drinks too. Phew… that sounds like a lot of hard work tbh, you guys might have to wish me luck. Oh, speaking of Gary; he now has a shiny new domain, so please do give him a visit!

I uploaded my Autumn stickers to Etsy this week, and it’s got me SO ready for pumpkins, dark nights, fireworks, candles and all that other good stuff! It’s my favourite season in the world and I simply can’t wait for it to get here. I’ll be doing my Halloween products soon too, so keep an eye out for those!

I’m almost at the end of Greys Anatomy (again!) so I’ll be looking for new things to watch soon. I’m thinking of trying Stranger Things, since everyone’s been banging on about it? I also wanna rewatch True Detective series one though because it was SO AMAZING (but series two was a pile of crap and I gave up 40 mins in..).

What else?
The AMAZING Sharon sent me her old phone and tablet, since my own broke and o2 were absolute BASTARDS and wanted £230 to fix it, even though it wasn’t my fault! But anyway, Sharon to the rescue and omfg she is amazing! It has been a huuuuge help to me, to keep on track of Etsy orders especially! She’s a babe, go follow.

I got THE BEST random delivery from Janina this week too! They sent me like, their FULL range of teeth whitening products by surprise and I was so happy (so was Gary!). Just FYI this isn’t sponsored or anything, I just thought it was really nice of them to surprise me. So I’m gonna be using all the products so that I have the loveliest white teeth for all the smiling I’ll be doing at The Girl Gang event!

Anyway, I’ve definitely rambled now. I should get back to work. Thanks for putting up with me guys, I’ll check back in properly again soon! Have the best week 🙂

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