34 Thoughts On The Gilmore Girls Revival


Please only read ahead if you have watched all four episodes of the new Gilmore Girls Revival, and are happy to delve into all my thoughts about it all! This is going to be chock full of spoilers, obviously. So don’t say I didn’t warn you!


I only started watching Gilmore Girls a few months ago; after hearing all the hype for this new mini series. I thought, hey, I’ll give it a go! I didn’t have any clue how much I’d love it and how obsessed with this tiny fictional town I’d become. Stars Hollow feels like a real place, not just a ‘set’ on a TV show, and it’s so wonderful! Anyway, so I finished all 7 original series JUST on time for the new episodes (literally I finished them the night before), and I wanted to share all my thoughts with you.

Okay, so I’m putting this into list format because I have SO MANY thoughts and I’m gonna fire all of them randomly at you guys while I try to attempt to break down all four episodes. And I don’t trust myself to coherently put it all together in chronological order of any kind.


  1. THEY FINALLY MADE MICHEL GAY. HOORAAAAAY! I mean they just had to didn’t they? Plus it always annoyed me how no one seemed to be anything but straight in the original episodes. So Michel has a husband and may be expecting kids in the near future; this makes me incredibly happy! Also, that line about sounding like a child molester made me laugh SO MUCH. I love him.
  2. SOOKIE, man girl where are you? 🙁 I know, Melissa McCarthy is hella awesome and SO busy, but it did make me sad we seen so little of her. But also I did appreciate that it made everything more realistic. I mean, its 10 years later, if everyone was in the same place doing the same thing, it’d be silly.
  3. RICHARD. Aww man, we knew it was coming of course; but it was even more sad than I could have imagined. Watching Emily, Lorelai and Rory at his funeral made me break down in tears instantly. Especially Emily, my heart ached for her! There were SO many things that made me cry during these new episodes, and this was definitely a tear jerker.
  4. But that painting she had done of him LOL, he looked so angry!
  5. Kirk has got better looking with age! Hahaha. He looks less… gangly and geeky? LOL no offense lad. But yep age has definitely been kind to him.
  6. Although I can’t say that about everyone. I’m not going to name names as that feels mean haha, but some characters WOAH. And then you have people like Jess who have just gotten EVEN BETTER OMFG HUBBA HUBBA. Okay, sorry, I’ll calm down. And then there’s Lane and Mrs Kim who don’t look like they’ve aged at all, haha! Lucky sods!
  7. ALSO OMG WE SEEN MR KIM! Who is he?! Where the hell has he been?! I dont remember him even being mentioned before!
  8. PAUL. Oh my god this guy! Haha. Not much to say except… who is he??? Why did Rory bother? Also…
  9. Rory’s character throughout all four episodes is shocking, but I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing. Okay so basically she’s stringing a guy along for a year or two.. or whatever, and she’s sleeping with Logan even though he’s engaged to someone else. HORRIBLE. I know. I was so disappointed. But not with the writers! Let me explain. You see I actually LIKE that they haven’t kept up this ‘Rory is so perfect’ thing, because it’s so unrealistic! Who the hell has never made a mistake? I love that they’ve pushed her into new territory. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t mad at Rory. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! I practically screamed at the TV. Logan is a DICK!
  10. If it isn’t obvious by now, I’m team Jess.
  11. Also let’s talk about Dean! Everyone seems to really dislike Dean, but I never have! You see, yes him and Rory made a huge mistake years ago sleeping together when he was married, but the reason I’m happy to accept this and not Rory sleeping with engaged Logan – is because they were young and in love! When you’re a teenager, you’re a dickhead, just saying. Haha. I did SO much I wish I hadn’t and would look awful on paper, but I did it because I was in love and foolish. Logan and Rory circa 2016 don’t have that excuse, they aren’t young, I don’t think either of them loves each other, and they should know better. So yeah, anyway. I was happy to see Dean and see him doing well. It was nice.
  12. But JESS. OMG JESS. He was always hot but it’s like he MAXED out his hotness for the new eps. He just gets better and better. But there wasn’t enough of him!! Why was Logan in every episode and Jess only in two?! And THAT LOOK he gives Rory through the window oh my god I nearly cried! But I’ll talk more about Jess and Rory later…
  13. Onto Luke and Lorelai! YAY for still being together, yay for staying together! They had the most beautiful pre-wedding wedding and I couldn’t have wished anything better. I felt sad at that dodgy unsure bit in the middle of the series where it looked troublesome, but again I think this just made things more realistic.
  14. LORELAI HIKING. Or not? Haha. I loved this storyline, and it really reminded me I need to read Wild! So then I can go book Wild, haha. I loved that she tried something so new and weird, and I loved that she sorta failed but sort of got what she needed anyway. And now I have to mention that scene, on the hilltop, looking out onto the valleys/mountains/whatever. The scene where she phones Emily, and tells her Mom of her favourite memory of her Dad. This scene made me cry more than anything else throughout all four episodes. I absolutely SOBBED, in fact, I’m tearing up now thinking about it. Such a simple memory, and a heartbreaking scene. It probably hit me right in the feels as tomorrow is the anniversary of my own Dad’s death – but man it was so emotional. And Emily, looking touched and saddened and comforted, all in one go. Pass me the tissues! Well done to whoever wrote that scene.
  15. PARIS! Oh my god I have always loved Paris. I love that she’s not the perfect friend, she WILL be inappropriate, harsh, even mean. But she is FIERCELY loyal and deep down is an uncertain mess who just wants to be loved like the rest of us. She was fucking FANTASTIC in the new eps, and I loved everything about it. From assessing Luke’s junk to her god-like admiration of Lorelai.
  16. I thought the whole will they have a new baby thing was strange, I mean they so obviously weren’t going to. But I suppose it’s a nice set up to show they’re in a funky place and they want SOMETHING changing.
  17. Babbette is here! YAY! I love her so damn much. Also Miss Patti but WOAH where has she gone?! So different man. I loved how much effort they put into REALLY trying to show every little character even just once.
  18. That scene where Emily calls out the DAR bitches and keep saying BULLSHIT is my favourite thing ever. YOU GO EMILY GILMORE!
  19. Also want to mention at this point; I thought Emily’s story alone was absolutely fascinating. She’s an amazing character, and it was so satisfying to see her develop. We see her absolute heartbreak at a life without Richard, then her struggling to cope in whatever way she can, and then finally letting go of all her anger and pain, and accepting a new happiness. It brought me so much joy seeing her in the new home, with a new wardrobe, a new outlook on life and still pausing to blow a kiss to Richards painting. OH MY GOD IM GOING TO CRY AGAIN. And then we see her working at the whale museum – I have never been so happy in my life! BEST IDEA EVER. The character development here is fucking phenomenal. I only wish we got to see Lorelai SEEING this.
  20. Also I’ve just realised most of my crying during these four episodes had Emily involved in some way. She’s a character who really can just hit me right in the feelz.
  21. THERAPY. Lor and Emily in therapy was an amazing new twist and I loved it. I also loved the idea or Lorelai going alone too. I wish we could have regular doses of this, but obviously theres only so much you can do in four episodes.
  22. PAUL ANKA DRESSED AS LUKE OH MY FUCKING GOD YES. The notepad too!! Genius.
  23. Oh!! And I loved Emily with her new maid, they were brilliant. I love that Emily’s developing character and the language barrier means she has a maid she really likes (and cares for!) and the maid thinks she’s ‘one of the nicest women I’ve ever met!’ – HA. Brilliant. This caring and strange friendship warmed my heart.
  24. When Jess finally shows up, my heart screamed. Here he is in all his glory, once again supporting and championing Rory to not give up, and even gives her the amazing idea to write a Gilmore Girls book YAY! He is just so bloody perfect, Rory GO JUMP HIM NOW. You fool. He is mature, still funny, the friendship and connection between him and Luke is just lovely, and I honestly adore everything about him.
  25. Lor and Rory arguing about the book though – YIKES. I was disappointed in Lor here, but I got it. And I’m glad once she’s sorted her life out a bit she comes around 🙂
  26. THE THIRTY SOMETHING GANG OMG. Best idea ever, and it made me laugh so much! I love this.
  27. THE SECRET BAR. Another stroke of pure genius, I loved this! 5-0! UGH. BRILLIANT.
  28. Okay the Life and Death Brigade boys and the night they take Rory out. Mehh. I always hated them. I sighed when they showed up. Pompous, spoiled, think-they-are-hilarious grown up brats, pretty much sums them up for me. But the whole sequence was visually beautiful. And I appreciated Rory having friends who are a little wild and unconventional. But did it have to be THEM? Ughh.
  29. Then Rory finally after one last night with Logan; saying its over between them. ABOUT TIME LOVE.
  30. Then she returns to what I dub Gilmore manor, to write her book in Richards office. This made me cry too. Oh and the flashbacks that were included and the old quotes! – This gave me chills, very, very well done.
  31. Luke cooking for Paul Anka – AWWWWWWWWW.
  32. Lorelai finally showing back up to reunite with Luke in the kitchen gives us the damn best scene from Luke throughout all four episodes. He turns fierce and finally expresses himself fully. He tells Lorelai how much he loves her and how much he’s not going anywhere and he damn well wont let her slip away. It’s heart warming, and even more perfect when Lorelai finally shuts him up enough to tell him she wants to get married. OH YOU GUYSSS <3
  33. The scene where Rory visits Christopher (basically a grown up Logan, who I again, hate) was strange to me. I mean I thought yeah she’s writing this book so that makes sense. But it seemed strange how emotional and angry Rory was about him abandoning her, when she’d never expressed such feelings before. But obviously at this point, as we learn from those LAST FOUR WORDS; she must know she’s pregnant and it puts this scene in a very new light. Im glad she basically leaves him feeling like shit, and FINALLY saying some things that I screamed at my TV throughout the original 7 series.
  34. THOSE FINAL FOUR WORDS. Maybe it’s time I finally talk about them? ‘Mom?’ ‘Yeah?’ ‘I’m pregnant.’ WOAH. This ending smacked me in the face! I did not see this coming and I feel like I totally should have, because it makes PERFECT sense. It gives the whole show this circle of life feeling. The story of a teen who gets knocked up, and has a child- ends with that child announcing SHE’s pregnant. And in similar circumstances. Sure she’s older, but her life is uncertain, she doesn’t have anything stable and things are all up in the air. I thought it was beautiful in a way. BUT!!!! OMG ok PLEASE don’t be Logans baby 🙁 I know it most likely IS, but man I’m hoping we get answers and I’m hoping those answers are JESS. Somehow! I mean, that LOOK he gives her through the window breaks my heart, he obviously still loves her, and they are so right for each other. Maybe there’s chance of a miracle? Like, they hooked up and we didn’t get to see, and Jess hasn’t pressured Rory into anything serious because he knows she’s just so unsure of everything at the moment BUT OMG HE STILL LOVES HER. Please let that happen. It just seems so unlikely… but PLEASE! And we might not ever even find out these answers, wahhhh! Tears. If we don’t ever get these answers, I’ve decided in my head it was Jess’ baby and they get together and everything is perfect. Just sayin’.


There’s a million other things I am thinking and feeling, but there’s just so much. I think I’ve summed up most of my thoughts pretty well. Overall I was happy with the ending and I can accept it, as long as we all agree the baby is Jess’ somehow, haha (I know its super poetic and likely that it’s Logan’s but it makes me so unhappy!). I really do like the teasing, circle of life theme they went with, even though it KILLS ME. I know some people hated it, but overall I appreciated it. It has gripped me. Even days later, I’m sat here thinking about every single second. That’s damn good TV guys, I believe that’s what they’d call a success.

I want those answers though, and I want more. I never ever got my Jess and Rory big, huge, romantic moment where they reunite. That moment where he has that painful, lovelorn look that aches for Rory, and they finally kiss and she finally sees she’s supposed to be with him. THAT is what I need.

I might never get it though, so I’ll have to make do with making up this story in my head, haha.

What about you guys?! Share ALL your thoughts with me on the whole revival! Tell me your favourite bits, worst bits, favourite faces to see again, and whose baby do you hope it is?



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  • What She Did

    Phew! Where do I start. I sobbed pretty much throughout. Although Rory was a bit of a mess, I couldn’t help but feel a slight alliance with her life, minus the sleeping with someone who’s engaged part obvs. I’m at an impass in my life and I feel this story aligned so nicely with the generation who are moving back in with their parents etc and made them feel like they aren’t such a mess. When I say they, I mean me.

    I sobbed throughout the funeral and The scene with Lor telling the memory of her dad to her mum. It was so touching and so simple, but so perfect.

    I’ve always been team Logan and so I find it funny how everyone sees the story differently. I admit he’s horrible for cheating, but I feel like he does love Rory, got me every time he called her Ace with that glint in his eyes.

    The final four words shook me, but then I thought if it is Logan’s and he left her, in my mind I will imagine a new story blossoming and it might make Rory sort her life out and do some much needed growing up.

    And breathe!

    • I think either way this will be something new and AMAZING for Rory, I really do. I also TOTALLY agree on the whole ‘not having life quite together’ thing – they were absolutely perfect for making it like this! I think it will resonate with a lot of us. She doesn’t get this perfect dream career ending, and things are so uncertain; but she has a path, and possibilities, and its wonderful.

      I cant believe you’re team Logan though!!!!!!!!!! :O hahahahhahaa xx

      • What She Did

        Hehe I know. I can’t help it. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Matt Czuchry which I think helps too. Can’t get enough of him in the Good Wife. I always love finding out which “team” people are on. I just always loved how he took Rory out of her comfort zone and pushed her to take limits. The umbrella jump is still my all time favourite Gilmore Girls scene.

  • Jessica Gutteridge

    JEMMA! YES! Everything yes! All of the moments I cried too involved Emily, apart from at the beginning where they sit at the band stand I was blubbering like a baby. But I love Emily, I actually thought to myself I hope I’m a content woman when I’m older, sat in my bungalow with a drink, looking into the night with lamps haha. in my heart her baby will some how be Jess’s I can’t stand the idea of it being Logans, but with the conversation she had to her dad (who I thought she left on good terms with in the whole seasons or did something happen in the 10 years?!!!!!) she can raise the baby by herself without a dad so boo if its Logans! Yes to the jess,I wanted more of him :((((

    • My biggest problem is WHY on earth do they leave Jess’ ending of the show of utter HEARTBREAK. Just that look!!
      Thats it!! END?!?!?! Ughhh </3
      It cant be.

  • Katie Robson

    I swear, I had every single of these thoughts.

    1. Really didn’t like the fact Sukie wasn’t until the last 20-30 minutes.
    2. Where was the theme tune? It’s like my jam!
    3. Emily at the DAR meeting was my ultimate highlight of the whole 4 episodes.
    4. I cried like the biggest baby ever when Lorelai spoke to Emily on the phone, I think we’ve waited so long to see how precious her relationship was with her Dad was.
    5. Luke has always been one of my favourite characters so it was so lovely to see him get his happy ending.
    6. Jess & Dean both looked ah-ma-zing!!
    7. Those final 4 works broke me, to the point that if there isn’t a second series then I’m done!

    To be fair, I really need to watch it again to make sure I saw everything…not that I’m complaining ahaha!

  • Amanda-Jaied Wathern

    I’m always so confused by people who aren’t team Logan haha. It is very obvious to me that they are both so fiercely in love with each other that they just can’t quit their thing. He doesn’t love Odette but it’s dynastic so he’s finally falling into line with his family and you can see it hurts him. I’m rambling now because I need everyone to understand Rogan so bad lol, but I’ll sum it up here- Dean made Rory feel wrong, unsure of herself, and then he was a douche to his wife. Jess was exactly what Rory needed at that time in her life, and even now he’d be a decent fallback but it’s gotta be Logan lol.

    Other than all that you’re totally right about everything else imho lol. Emily’s arc was just perfect and OMG Richard does look so mad in that picture it’s hilarious.

    I actually sat bolt upright pointing at the black screen and mouthing the LAST FOUR WORDS over and over in shock haha!!


    • While I agree that Logan and Rory totally love each other I think her and Jess are ultimately the right match. Logan challenges Rory but her life is in upheaval any time he’s around. It’s good to start new things, it’s good for transition, it’s good for excitement but when it comes to the kind of life Rory as a character is built to have, Jess is the one that could give it to her. The Logan thing was hard to watch for me, I totally understand why she had such a hard time letting it go, it was good, but not quite right. She doesn’t fit in with the Huntsburgers, but she totally fits in with every part of Jess’s family. They wouldn’t try to change her, they already all love her.
      I guess all the of the teams kind of rely on what we each think is the best part of love though huh. 🙂

  • McKirsty

    I can’t believe how much I agree with all of these! You have great taste and insight 😉 I’d add that I thought the third installment was a real dud, mostly because of the awful Life & Death Brigade, but also wayyyy too much time being spent on the town musical that could have been put to better use (like, close ups of Jess’ new muscles. Just sayin). And although I totally agree with you, I do think the baby has to be Logan’s to give that gorgeous symmetry with Jess & Logan being the new Luke & Christopher. This way Jess can be the good guy who sticks around and helps her raise the baby, even though it’s devil spawn 🙂 xox

  • McKirsty

    OH AND (you’ve set me off now…)

    – How does Christopher look YOUNGER? Goddam, good work.
    – What’s so bad about being a well-paid teacher at a great school, huh unemployed Rory?!
    – THE WOOKIE HOOKUP. Amazing.
    – You’re well shot Dean. Stay clear!
    – Loved all the stair issues in Paris’ house!

  • I think the Palladinos always said that Jess was Rory’s Luke, and Logan her Christopher. So even if they never make any more episodes, in my head, Jess is the baby’s spiritual dad and together with Rory. Just how Luke was always more of a presence in Rory’s life than Christopher

  • Justine Machin

    Ha ha smiling as I read this because I too am hoping the baby belongs to Jess! Like if they made a brand new season there’d be flashbacks and we’d see that Rory and Jess got together for one night before he disappeared again. I had mixed feelings over the whole thing which I’ll share properly in my post but overall I loved it and want more! Let’s hope…. xxxx

  • I’ve just seen all new episodes today and I have VERY similar feelings as you have! Except the one about Christopher. I never hated him, I just never thought he was right for Lorelai. But I think he is a decent person, not perfect of course, but who is, really?
    I’m also totally Team Jess! I always liked Dean but thought he was quite boring and not challenging enough for Rory. Logan on the other hand I always disliked. I don’t think he’s a horrible person but I always felt he was making Rory do things she didn’t want to do. She always felt less independent and herself in his presence. I do think it’s his child though. But I just hope that doesn’t mean she#s getting together with him. Because obviously Logan has not grown at all. He’s still the same douchebag he has ever been, not caring about other people’s feelings. Jess on the other hand seems to have become such a wonderful person and I always thought that he and Rory were so perfect for each other because they were so similar in many things and he truly understood her and challenged her to pursue her goals.

    But if it really is the full “circle of life” thing with Lorelai’s story repeating itself, then Rory would have Logan’s baby but be with Jess. I would be totally fine with that, even though it would mean that Logan would still be around.
    Okay, that was a looong comment. 😀 Maybe I should write a blogpost on my own to have space for all my Gilmore Girls emotions!
    Patti Shifting Tales

  • We are so on the same page as you Jemma! 🙂 We have a blog post coming soon as we were so upset and deflated after watching it, we had to write stuff down! We couldn’t agree more with you about Logan, we completely did not understand how he was in it more than Jess or that we didn’t get any conclusion with Jess! Emily’s story was beautiful and we wished it showed her and Lorelai getting on at the end too. We won’t ramble too much here though, as we think we rambled enough in our own post! :p But yay for your review, it’s nice to be able to read people who understand our emotional state at the moment due to lack of Jess!!!!!!! :p xx

  • Brooklyn

    I literally agree with everything in this post. The Life and Death Brigade boys, what even was that? Go away!
    JESS <3 I love him!

    I cried over Richard, both for him in the show and real life passing away. It was so emotional!


  • Okay I agree with just about everything you said! Dean kind of annoys me but, you’re right, he was a dumb teenager and seems to have it together now. But. BUT. I cannot and will not root for Jess and Rory. She doesn’t deserve him. Truly. He deserves better. Oh and I also love how much Lorelei matured between season seven and these episodes. It’s nice to see she has it together for the most part.

  • I think the baby is def Logan’s, but like you said it’s the whole “full circle” thing they kept stressing throughout the shows. And I think that in this case Jess will be how Luke was for Lorelai. <3

    Aisling | anthologie.

  • Zoë Forde

    I can so relate to everything you have said. The tears, the character arcs, and OMFG the beauty of Jess.
    I agree, the baby is Logan. But Logan is Rory’s Christopher. And Jess is her Luke. Jess will be the one there for her, who will see the baby as his own, and who she will ultimately end up with – IMO. But the end is a bit frustrating – as I’d much rather SEE her end up with Jess than just know that she will eventually end up with him. More episodes please?


  • I don’t think I can add anything to what you said. I was exactly the same, except I actually love Logan. Dammit. I wish that would have worked out. The Wild hiking part was hilarious for me. Mainly as I know many people who have gone and done things like that because they saw it in a film, hahaha! The bullshit scene with Emily was just my fave, that poor wife haha!

    Awh they have to make more episodes now, they haaave to. I do agree that Jess will probably be the one she ends up with though!

    Also, I have so much time for the film Kirk made about his pig.


    PS: I love Finn.

    PPS: Dean is still whingy

  • I had so many thoughts on the revival! And to be honest didn’t feel really on board with it until half way through Summer and then Fall was EVERYTHING.

    Even if Jess isn’t the baby daddy, he is Rory’s Luke, so the whole full circle theme suggests they will one day end up together despite him not being the papa! Right! RIGHT?

    I think I might have to do my own list! I wish they’d extended the therapy thing, cos boy do all three girls need it! Stephie xx


  • Oh, I sobbed at the part where Lorelai called up Emily and told her that memory. Totally sobbed my heart out. My dog was looking at me like I was crazy.

    I say that I’m so thrilled to see the character development of Emily the best. Both Rory and Lorelai annoyed me throughout the episodes. I dunno why. Perhaps it’s because they were both being very selfish for a time. Both were dealing with a life crisis after Richard it seems like… Only Emily took steps to being better at the end.

    Sure Lorelai was working towards it – with her hike and FINALLY marrying Luke… but Rory… well… miss perfect (which I’m glad she isn’t so much now) still needs to get her life in order.

    Soooo many people are saying that Logan is her Christopher and Jess is her Luke…. maybe? Ideas?

    I really love all 3 of her men. Yes, even Logan.

    I really missed having Richard on the show and it expressed beautifully the longing afterwards once someone passes on. There was just a void that cannot be filled.

  • I disagree with the Logan and Rory not loving each other, I think they very much love each other. I think that they love each other and still know that they aren’t suppose to be together overall, that their lives don’t fit together. That’s the only reason I wasn’t totally appalled by it. I don’t like Logan, but to me it’s obvious he absolutely loves her, and if he thought there was actually a chance of their lives matching up he would keep her in a heartbeat, but there’s not. They operate from such different values.
    I wasn’t originally team Jess, he was a dick and emotionally unavailable and just too deep and full of meaning to communicate even semi decently, BUT, when he showed up in her college years I loved him again and wanted Logan gone and then now… Jess needs to be the one. It is the only thing that makes sense. He is the only one that makes sense.
    I agree with just about everything else, Paris is a wonderful mess, Luke’s speech about it always being him and Lorelei made me happy cry times ten.
    What the hell was the musical besides a time waste. Showing more of Jess just staring off into the distance would have filled the time better than that thing.
    And I think it’s definitely Logan’s baby to make everything cyclical. Rory is twice the age Lorelei was, they both are having a baby and the father is a self involved playboy under daddy’s money and thumb. I think Rory got the answers she needed that were so important because she isn’t going to ask Logan to take care of it. Jess coming in anyway and being with her would be cyclical like Luke coming in and being with Lorelei and taking Rory on as his own. I think it would work out fine, I think Jess could handle it.
    Did you notice that Emily’s made is the same person that plays Gypsy? I was like whaaat is going on from the moment Lorelei first talked to her.
    I love the changes they made all the characters go through, I loved the language and the references and that they were able to cuss a little more because it was on Netflix and not a family channel. I read some people being frustrated with the characters changing from what they were but I’m like OF COURSE THEY DID, we all change.
    There were sooooo many emotions with these four episodes, I had a heavy emotional hangover the next day, I talked about it and googled other people’s reactions. This is the best one yet.

  • Rachel Bee

    Ha ha Jemma, I finally finished, and have literally just come to your blog to read all your thoughts. It’s amazing how one show that is loved so completely by two people, can also invoke completely different feels. I’m Team Logan… don’t hate me…. but I was still floored by the pregnancy announcement, and am loving this new side of this rather good looking Jess! So many conflicting emotions! And Emily literally gave me all the feels for the whole season.

    Now to see what happens next, leaving it open, or will we get answers. Please please Netflix, give us answers!!!!

  • I am still in shock over the ending! Although I am team Logan….. I still CANT BELIEVE IT!!!! Why would they end on those 4 words??? It kills me!

  • Oh gosh, I felt everything you felt, minus the life and death brigade, I actually was thinking they needed to come back, but you’re right, they’re in their 30’s now…ah, well. But loved the series, and hoping they have another one, but with everyone’s schedule and it take this long to make the first one…who knows! But I kept saying, how has no one changed in 10 years?!

  • Jade Glennon

    YES YES YES YES OMG I’ve just finished it and I came darting to this post… THOSE LAST FOUR WORDS WTF?! I’m praying it’s Jess’ too… or at least the Wookiee’s?!
    Omg I swear I cried in every Emily scene. That woman is just goals and I love each and every single character so much (apart from Logan ofc) I wanna watch it all over again!!!!!

  • I really didn’t like rory’s character in the bew episodes. To me it felt like she hadn’t matured or grown up at all. She didn’t seem 32 to me. I agree that its great they didnt keep the perfect rory illusion but i dont like what they nade her. I felt there was no character development from her being 22. Even by the end of the episodes, I still felt the same. The whole Logan and Rory storyline annoyed me too. Especially when she got upset because Odette moved in so she would have to go to a hotel room with Logan to cheat. Like are you serious. Plus how do you forget to dump someone for two years?!?!

    I loved watching Emily’s story. The character development was amazing. Plus Emily Gilmore in Jeans was the best thing ever! I loved that we watched her grief full circle and that in the end she seemed to have her own purpose in life and was happy. I also love that she has Berta!

    This comment is long winded enough. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts. I think i will do a post on my thoughts too since i have so many. Enjoy your day

    Sarah’s Abode -xx

  • Yap, the end was amazing. So want for continuing. Don’t judge Logan so hard, he is so sexy, I am absolutely with Rory on his case.

  • I FINALLY finished the revival a few days ago and I actually can’t stop thinking about it. Your thoughts are so accurate to what I’m thinking!

    Okay so I had a theory that because it’s supposed to be full circle type of thing with Rory being pregnant and in a really similar situation to her mum with the uncertainty of her life and not having anything stable etc etc that her baby will be Logan’s but (even though I actually LOVE Logan and wanted him to be like lol I’ll dump my fiancee lets live happily ever after) Logan is a dick and she shouldn’t be with him, she is meant to be with Jess. Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke (:

    Also I actually HATE Rory like I really think I do, just throwing that out there. She’s so whiny she’s still just as whiny as the first episode.