My mojo is back!


Let the festive season begin!

I’ve truly gotten in the spirit lately, I’ve been buying Christmas gifts, decorations and planning my Christmas card list already. I’m determined to not let this difficult time of year ruin Christmas, so I’m fully embracing it this year! In fact, I even popped over to Metquarter in Liverpool for their festive Christmas event, and it was bloody wonderful!

As you can see from the above photo we were treated to some right lovely goodies while there, from a variety of fab brands, like MAC, Illamasqua, Paperchase and many more! The highlight though was definitely seeing the showcase of special things the whole of Metquarter had on offer. Works of art for the creative soul, furniture to make your home look like a work of art, gorgeous fashion pieces for both men and women, and of course – the AMAZING new releases from MAC, Illamasqua and more. I got so many ideas for Christmas gifts for others, but they’re certainly top of my own list for myself!

That’s not my only festive themed activity lately. If you haven’t seen already – I have Christmas stickers on my Etsy!


Cute eh? I’ve started attacking my bullet journal with them and I’m pretty happy about it. You can grab your own here if you like.

Other than that, this week I feel like I’ve finally got my mojo back! I mean, I didn’t make it known it had ‘gone’ I guess. But I weren’t exactly myself the past month or so, for one reason or another. But that’s changing, I can feel it! My creativity is none stop, I’ve sold my first ever full canvas painting (yep, I might have cried with joy), I’ve planned a buttload of blog posts I feel proud of, and my schedule is looking better. I’ve gotten myself so organise that I’ve even scheduled ALL my tweets for the next week, woohoo!

So this Sunday, yeah, I’m feeling good 🙂

I hope this feeling stays.

How are you?