Getting To Know Me Through Video

vintage, retro analog single-lens reflex camera

It’s no secret that this blog is my lifeblood, I bloody adore it. I live and breathe blogging on a daily basis.

But I also really love connecting with an audience (that’s you guys LOL) in a much more personal, instant-connection sort of way. I think that’s important sometimes, and it can be really cool too. It can show you a more in depth, realistic, and hopefully interesting view of my life. You can really get to know the person behind the words.

So when Toast TV video production London* asked me to share my tips for creating video for social media; it got me thinking about how and why I do this already, and how it helps me A LOT.


Share the everyday

I’ve learned from Snapchatting myself almost everyday; that recording myself in this way and sharing it on social media, really helps people connect with me. Instead of presenting the staged and edited blog photos, people are seeing me without any makeup, in my pjs, talking about what I’m doing that day. Sounds boring as hell doesn’t it? But I know through watching other people do this, it can be SO good to see that the people we respect or admire are doing these boring everyday things too. It also really presents this truly honest image of someone that can’t be edited (well, much), which is refreshing. You start to feel you KNOW that person behind the camera, by catching up with their everyday videos.


Get creative

Never has it been easier to use video to get creative in new ways. Whether it’s using the new Insta stories feature to record and share special events and celebrations, or to create videos on Youtube to present your brand/business. Utilising these tools to reach huge audiences you might not usually, can be so rewarding! You now have the chance to spread your creative wings into video easily. Anyone can use their phone to record these days, WINNER.


Share your process

One of the absolute BEST things for me about using video and social media, is being able to share my processes in my work. I can now show people instantly new artwork I’m creating, ask for feedback, connect with other creatives and really break down that wall between content and creator.


The reason I embrace all this is not only because it’s useful for both me and my audience; but also because it’s damn fun! I might not create Youtube videos as often as I’d like, but its always there waiting for me when I have the chance. I can also vlog everyday through Snapchat, connect with my audience on Periscope, or set up streams on Facebook. It’s amazing!

It’s really worth thinking how using video can help you as a ‘brand’ if you’re a blogger or small biz!

But what do you guys think? Do you like when people embrace video content?




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