40 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

Need something to occupy your weekend, or want to make it a little more exciting?

I have 40 fun things anyone can do, so take notes & have fun!


1. Have a sleepover.

2. Change your bedroom around.

3. Start reading a new book.

4. Bake something you’ve never tried before.

5. Start learning to play an instrument.

6. Give yourself a makeover.

7. Do a self portrait.

8. Have a wardrobe clear out and donate loads to charity shops.

9. Try a new form of exercise (go swimming, cycling, take up a dance class).

10. Write handwritten letters to friends.

11. Binge watch a new TV show (I have loads of suggestions here).

12. Make a photo collage.

13. Clean all your makeup brushes, get rid of what you don’t use, and display all beauty products nicely.

14. Plan a whole new style, and go shopping for yourself!

15. Sew something (start easy with patches!)

16. Listen to a new podcast.

17. Start watching movies you’ve always meant to watch.

18. Throw a party!

19. Visit a relative you haven’t seen for a while.

20. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

21. Surprise someone with flowers.

22. Customise your clothes.

23. Vlog your weekend.

24. Start a photo-a-day challenge.

25. Take a train to somewhere new with a friend.

26. Arrange impromptu cocktails with someone.

27. Try a super creative new makeup look, and share on Instagram!

28. Try a fun DIY!

29. Start writing a book.

30. Visit a museum/gallery and soak up the culture!

31. Start a dream journal.

32. Play an old retro game from your childhood!

33. Start a fundraising campaign.

34. Go for a hike and take photographs of your journey.

35. Completely reorganise your pinterest.

36. Use clay to make cute little jewellery dishes.

37. Practise calligraphy/hand lettering and create unique and inspiring wall art with your favourite quote!

38. Indulge in the longest bubble bath, complete with candles, bath bombs and a good book.

39. Try a pretty new nail art technique.

40. Plant some flowers/vegetables.

What will you be doing this weekend?


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