Falling In Love With Instagram Again; Fuck The Algorithm!

Instagram has always been one of my favourite social platforms; however after that damn algorithm changed, I (along with the rest of the world) got a bit annoyed, and it felt like Instagram were failing us all a little. After all the hard work we’d put into Instagram, and no matter how much we had tried; half of our posts aren’t being seen, and engagement is at an all time low. BOOOOO.

However, there is some joy in this. I’ve began to really, really love Instagram again! Yes the algorithm is still a pile of bullshit, but ahh well. I’m still addicted to Insta.

My own Instagram is a colourful explosion of life, blog things, beauty & anything vibrant. I love this, I feel like it represents me quite well. I tried to stick to one colour for a while, switching shades each month, as I really liked the idea of a challenge. As aesthetically pleasing as this was, I was leaving out too damn much of my colourful life! I don’t live in a lilac/pink/yellow/whatever the current colour was… world. So I’m back to my rainbow self, and this pleases me.

I’ve also started a NEW Instagram account, purely for my illustrations/artwork/doodles and anything else creative. YAY! Why? Well because sometimes this type of content didn’t quite fit with my ‘normal/blog’ Instagram account. And to be honest, I really loved the idea of having one JUST for creative/arty type things. I thought it would be a nice way to connect with other artists, and share my work. I was right! I am absolutely loving it so far, and it’s nice to follow other creatives on there, to keep that particular feed relevant to what I’m posting.

I feel like my love for Instagram has really been ignited again, and I’m so glad. I feel like a bunch of us totally forgot what it’s all about. It’s a visual world to share photography, creation and ideas. Let’s get inspired again!


Know your strengths and your passions, and explore them on Instagram. Totally allow yourself to become swallowed up in this visual platform, and try not to worry about followers, likes, and comments.

Share the love, tell someone when you appreciate their feed, give feedback on great work, say hello to strangers across the globe!

I do hope you guys will begin to love Instagram again, along with me. I don’t want one of my favourite platforms and sources of inspiration to go down the drain.

Want some awesome people to follow and give you that Insta-spark again?
Here are some faves! –







Enjoy! x



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