10 Home Comforts I Would Miss*

Have you ever stopped to think of all the things you’d miss if you went off grid, and had none of your typical home comforts? Eeek! As someone who treasures all the little luxuries in life, this got me thinking what I’d want/need most.

Even going camping, when Gary and I go to festivals and things; I find it really hard to not bring all the non essentials! I was thinking about all things when browsing the gas cylinders from Flogas* – who challenged me to list the things I’d miss most when going ‘off grid’. Okay obviously heat is right up there, and the gas cylinders would be essential then!

So here are the other 10 home comforts I would miss most! –

1. My bed – FOR SURE. Sleeping bags and pop up beds can be great these days, but is there anything like your own duvet?

2. Coffee – OMG I’m not even sure how I’d cope without it to be honest. EEK.

3. Makeup. I know, it’s nowhere near important or useful but DAMMIT I LOVE MY EYESHADOWS. Plus I think I’d feel more fierce in the wild with a red lip, y’know??

4. My phone. I can’t imagine me going anywhere without it, but I mean, how would I charge it? Oh god… How would I Instagram?!

5. Hot showers/baths. – I felt ROUGH AF after Leeds festival, so god only knows how I’d do in the wild.

6. Music – I can’t see music being high on the essentials list, and I would be in a right mood after a few days of no Eminem tbh.

7. Reading – Same again, and how I’d miss being able to escape into fictional worlds!

8. Luna! – My baby. Can she come in my backpack d’ya think?

9. Chocolate – Obv.

10. Being creative – Being without pens, paper, paints, crafts in general would kill my soul a little bit.


Flogas also have a video about the #IWouldMiss campaign


What about you guys? What would you miss? And do you think you’d be any good off grid? I’d be useless!



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  • Justine Machin

    Definitely my bed!! It’s one of my fav places to be in the world lol. And my cups of tea! I’ve never really been a coffee person. I also can’t go anywhere without my makeup removing wipes, makeup and my mouth guard cos I grind/clench my teeth in my sleep lol! Xx

  • My bed for sureeee, my main comfort in life!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • You know what, I actually do think about this a lot – I’m a strange person. I love camping and if I could live off grid, but with wifi, I would fudging love it. Wouldn’t have to be an amazing connection, just enough to stalk Instagram occasionally and find out what madness is going on in the rest of the world.

  • Oh my gosh, you won’t even get me camping. I need my own bed, an electrical outlet for my phone, heat, light, good food, a book and my cat! I definitely could not do without those things. Haha. x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • Rachael Dickinson

    I do think if I had my hubby and dogs, I would be set for quite a while! (Maybe a couple of Grey’s Anatomy boxsets!)

    Rachael xox

  • Stacey Ireson

    I would be absolutely useless! If I lose signal for more than 15 minutes I feel like I’ve lost an arm! I’m not made for the outdoorsy life