Space Saving Tips For The Home*

Living in our little rented flat for the past two years has been lovely; we’ve created a bunch of memories here and I do really love our home. However I am excited about moving into a house in a few months, to have lots of extra space, and to not have to worry about little details like we have while renting! I feel like I’ve learned a bunch of little tips and tricks that have helped us save space too, and today I wanted to chat about some of the best things I did in this small flat, to help it feel a little bigger!

Use wall space
Mounting things on the wall to really use up every little bit of space, makes SUCH a difference. Having plenty of shelves is the obvious one; put everything up on the wall that you can! Fold up desks are a fantastic idea too; you can get those ones that you literally pull down from the wall when you need them, and then put them back up to save space when you’re not working. Genius!


Hanging features
Instead of taking up space with plants around the house on a variety of surfaces; grab some cute planters and hang them! There are so many beautiful ones out there, and it means you get to add a touch of foliage to your place without taking up any much needed room!

Using doors
Before moving into my own small flat I never would have thought of using doors for anything other than slamming when in a mood… However, they do have their uses for saving space! You can get awesome hanging storage products now for the back of doors, to hang down from. This is great for keeping beauty products in, bathroom products, shoes (inside wardrobe doors maybe) and so much more. Or you could opt to save space using by sliding doors*, and creating a little more of an open environment to make the room feel bigger.

Using boxes to store things that you don’t use often is SO helpful! Whether it be for storing away bedding, seasonal clothing, electronics, or whatever! Stacking boxes and labelling them frees up much needed space for important things… like dancing around your room at 2am? Maybe?

And finally, the most obvious space saving tip; get rid of anything unwanted or unnecessary! Purge all those things you’ve been keeping but don’t really need, donate to charity shops, and help make your home feel much less cluttered. I go into this in more detail in my post; ‘A 10 Step Detox For Your Home‘. I absolutely love doing this!


I hope this helps you guys! Even though we’re moving to a bigger place in a few months, I know I’ll certainly be taking advantage of some of these tips still, and I would LOVE to hear your tips too! 🙂




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