30 Simple Pleasures

Life is all about those little moments that make each day feel special, and the small joys that make life worth living. Today I wanted to celebrate some of those perfect, simple pleasures – enjoy! (And feel free to comment with your own!)

1. Splashing in puddles.

2. When someone remembers a small detail about you.

3. When your lipstick matches your nail varnish.

4. Listening to your favourite song.

5. Saying I love you.

6. Hearing someone say I love you.

7. Getting a text off someone you like like.

8. Listening to the crackle of a fire

9. When a tweet gets loads of likes.

10. Getting really good feedback on something you’ve worked on.

11. When you do a really good winged liner.

12. That first morning coffee (or tea!)

13. Donating old books/movies/clothes.

14. Wearing new shoes that make you feel really special.

15. When someone else loves that really obscure band/book/movie that you love.

16. Finding something you thought you’d lost.

17. When a stranger smiles at you.

18. Telling a joke that gets a big laugh.

19. Quietly painting something.

20. Rain hitting a window, as you’re cosy inside.

21. Eating your favourite food ever.

22. Cuddling a cat or dog.

23. When you get that PERFECT Insta shot.

24. Finding money in an old purse.

25. Organising all your clothes, and creating outfits ready to wear.

26. When you wake up and it’s a really beautiful day.

27. Writing in a journal.

28. Getting lost in a really good book.

29. Getting handwritten letters in the mail.

30. Catching up with an old friend.


Can you guys name 3 simple pleasures you love? 🙂





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  • What a lovely post idea. My 3 simple pleasures would have to be: spontaneous days out, those hugs that last longer than a minute and listening to my favourite songs on repeat 🙂


  • Reading this made me smile! 🙂 so many of them are my simple pleasures too! 🙂 it is a lovely post! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

  • Abi Street

    I love this! The little things definitely mean the most. My 3 favourite small pleasures are getting hand written notes, going for coffee with an old friend and sunsets

    Abi | abistreetx

  • Stephanie Hartley

    Some of these are my all-time favourites! I love it when someone remembers small details, and when a tweet gets lots of likes hehe. Mine would be when a customer really goes out of their way to let you know they’ve had a good experience because of you (I’m a waitress), warming my hands up on a cup of tea, and the comfort of popping a onesie on!

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  • Yes, love these! I actually have a section in my agenda where I record the little things that have made me happy some day. Some days it’s super easy but others require thought as maybe something specific hasn’t happened that day – but that’s good! It helps me slow down and figure out what little things happened that I love that I have taken for granted! Some of my favorites here are getting handwritten mail, cuddling dogs, and getting lost in a really good book. 🙂

    Asti | bit.ly/atypicalnarrative

  • Chloe

    These are lovely Jemma! My simple pleasures are when my boyfriend tells me he loves me, spending quality time giggling with family and being in New York.

  • Jessica Kennedy

    looove these!

    one little thing that’s my favourite is when people who come in to work remember my name.. so random! but makes me happy 🙂 xXx

  • This s so sweet, it really made me smile 🙂
    Even at 33 yrs old, splashing in puddles never gets old!!

    Gillian  xx  Eyelinerflicks.com

  • Such an uplifting post – getting lost in a really good book is such a simple, amazing pleasure!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I love it when J comes home and I get a boop on the nose, I also love the first coffee of the day and I love day time showers when you have loads of time 🙂 x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  • Baths before bedtime, the silence of a library, when your Greggs pasty is fresh out the oven <3

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Looking at the stars at night never fails to make me happy. I also love walking to work and passing the ducks swimming in the river, and getting into bed at night and telling your partner all about your day!


  • 1. Watching a movie or TV show you love and have already seen countless times.

    2. Having exact change.

    3. Popping bubble wrap.

  • Oh, these make me happy even only by reading them! Few simple life pleasures for me would be: waking up with the sun shining, binge watching my favourite tv show and taking a walk in a forest 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me