30 Simple Pleasures

Life is all about those little moments that make each day feel special, and the small joys that make life worth living. Today I wanted to celebrate some of those perfect, simple pleasures – enjoy! (And feel free to comment with your own!)

1. Splashing in puddles.

2. When someone remembers a small detail about you.

3. When your lipstick matches your nail varnish.

4. Listening to your favourite song.

5. Saying I love you.

6. Hearing someone say I love you.

7. Getting a text off someone you like like.

8. Listening to the crackle of a fire

9. When a tweet gets loads of likes.

10. Getting really good feedback on something you’ve worked on.

11. When you do a really good winged liner.

12. That first morning coffee (or tea!)

13. Donating old books/movies/clothes.

14. Wearing new shoes that make you feel really special.

15. When someone else loves that really obscure band/book/movie that you love.

16. Finding something you thought you’d lost.

17. When a stranger smiles at you.

18. Telling a joke that gets a big laugh.

19. Quietly painting something.

20. Rain hitting a window, as you’re cosy inside.

21. Eating your favourite food ever.

22. Cuddling a cat or dog.

23. When you get that PERFECT Insta shot.

24. Finding money in an old purse.

25. Organising all your clothes, and creating outfits ready to wear.

26. When you wake up and it’s a really beautiful day.

27. Writing in a journal.

28. Getting lost in a really good book.

29. Getting handwritten letters in the mail.

30. Catching up with an old friend.


Can you guys name 3 simple pleasures you love? 🙂




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