Creating A Dream Home Office*

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well. Today I thought I’d share with you my personal plans for my new office, as well as share some tips on what I think make the perfect work space.

Soon I’ll be recreating my whole office and work space in the new home (one month to go!); and it’s a great opportunity to totally renew the look and style. I’m hoping to make it the most inspiring and productive work space that I can, somewhere that’ll feel nice to spend my days in, y’know? I want it to be pretty, comfortable, useful and capable of storing everything I need for my work.

At the moment I’m in the process of writing down everything I need handy, what will need to go in the office, and getting rid of all non essentials, or things that haven’t worked for me in my current work space.

So far I have a huge list of notes. I need a desk to work at, with drawers for all my prints and stationery. I also need to store tech in these drawers, like headphones, my drawing tablet, my hard drive and my printer and scanner will need to be somewhere close by. I’ll then also need all my packaging supplies for Etsy orders, and my art materials (easels, canvases, paints, brushes, paper). Then, I’ll also need a separate small table which will be for all my blog photography. This is where I’d keep all my blog props, and my softbox lights. And finally? I need space for all my books. There are so many I use for inspiration, particularly art and design books.

That quite a lot already isn’t it? So you may see why I’m needing to plan everything before we move.

However, I think I’ve locked down the basic essentials and most wanted things I need!


Basic essentials-


This Ikea Alex/Linnmon desk is PERFECT for everything I need. Spacious, plenty of drawers in different sizes and simple.


This Swivel chair from Ikea is the perfect match for the desk, and looks really comfortable, great for long hours.

I’m in awe of this Argos 5 tier bamboo shelving unit, and desperately want it! It looks unique and pretty, as well as being so useful.


I’ve been getting lots of inspo from Lampcommerce; especially with the perfect lighting solutions in the Artemide range. They take up very little space, look beautiful, and would match the rest of my office perfectly!


Accessories –

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve also been getting plenty of ideas of little helpful accessories I can use, and beautiful flourishes to make the office feel more ‘me’.

  • A faux fur rug (pastel pink for me I reckon!)
  • Mini shelves above my desk
  • Multi-tiered pencil holders
  • Trays to keep prints/artwork when drying/setting
  • Inspiring quotes for my wall
  • Flowers (of course!)
  • Post it notes (absolutely essential as I’m always writing notes)
  • Pretty jars to store paintbrushes, tools and various stationery
  • Cute mini pegs/string to hang cute things on the wall
  • Fairy lights (for evenings working away and feeling cosy)
  • The ultimate coffee cup, to keep me motivated!


I’m so looking forward to creating this perfect office for myself, and I’ll be bringing you guys along the way with me!

What would make your perfect work space? 🙂




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  • I can’t wait to be able to have my own office, I’ll definitely be using this for inspo <3
    ♥ Fran – xx

  • Ooh this looks so pretty! 🙂 We each have a Linnmon table and they are awesome and easy to put together! Decorating our office space was our favourite thing to do in our apartments, but we can’t wait to have a house one day and make it bright and colourful with all the little shelves and lamps and cute stuff you shared here. It’s like a little dream planning our writing spaces, we love it. Absolutely can’t wait to see how your office turns out and we hope you have so much fun designing it! 🙂 xxx

  • Alyssa Larsen

    I’m moving into a new apartment next month and will finally have a desk of my own. The office is shared between me and my boyfriend but I’m so excited to have a desk space that I can decorate all to myself. I’m so excited to see how yours turns ohta

  • Pinterest is the best when it comes to redesigning a space in your home – love your plans for the new workspace, can’t wait to see it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Rachael Dickinson

    Great post, I am doing my home office shortly as it is so boring at the moment. I have picked up a few bits but I am going to pick up a few extras!

    Rachael xox

  • So love these plans! It’s definitely nice to revamp your work space every now and then. And you can always count on Pinterest for awesome ideas! Gorgeous!
    Ina Kagakit – Writer