Happy Things, Life Lately & Favourites

Hello again gorgeous readers, how are ya? Weather treating you nice wherever you are? I hope so.

Today I thought I’d just catch you up on all things Jemma lately; sharing my recent favourites and everything that’s making me smile. It’s good to have a proper catch up; so grab a cuppa and settle in! 🙂


1. Going the Makeup Revolution party. I was so, so scared my social anxiety was gonna kick in and ruin my trip, but I had the best time! It was an awesome night & I feel so pleased with myself.

2. Inspiration – I’ve had a lot more of it lately! Between November – February really kicked my ass and booted my confidence right down, but thankfully I can feel myself slowly getting back up. Late night drawing seshes are coming back, and I’m trying out new projects all the time 🙂 Plus, writing just for the sake of writing, feels so good again.

3. Packing/moving excitement. It’s 4 weeks until the big move to Plymouth, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Of course it’s scary too, but mostly I’m feeling really good about it. It feels so good having a good clear out too, getting rid of lots of things we don’t need. It’s like I’m cleansing my soul, haha.


  • My Instagram is super colourful again, yay!
  • I have a hair appointment, to give my hair some extra WOW very soon. This makes me happy.
  • It’s so sunny lately! I’m a rainy girl at heart, but I’ve welcomed these bright days with open arms.
  • Had friends over who I used to work with, and it was SO nice to catch up!
  • I sent off more surprises in the mail today, to people who have bought things from my Etsy in the past. Hehe!
  • I’m almost done reading ‘It’s Kind Of a Funny Story’ & I’ve been loving it!
  • We’re re-watching The Office, and I have no regrets. It’s so so so good! Jim and Pam 4EVZ.
  • Aims for next week; see friends, see Beauty & The Beast finally, get ahead of blog schedule & record podcast.


I’m also really pleased with my new Etsy products lately, and I genuinely feel proud! 🙂

All products are available on my Etsy shop; and remember you can always enquire about custom pieces too! 🙂



  • I’m still head over heels in love with Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic. IT’S SO DAMN GOOD GUYS.
  • I’m also obsessively using The One Highlighter from Makeup Revolution, such GLOW.
  • I’ve sort of fallen in love with Rosario’s blog.
  • Cushions. Why do i keep buying more???!! (point me in the direction of blush pink ones pls)
  • Cute mail; I’m trying to send more snail mail to people, and make my Etsy orders super cute for customers!
  • All things Blippo. It’s still my fave lil hub for all kawaii stationery and goodies.
  • Dresses; it’s getting warmer! Time to get out all my cute and colourful dresses again 🙂
  • Glitter. Let’s be honest this is always a fave.
  • Cream eggs, mini eggs and just chocolate eggs in general being EVERYWHERE (also it’s my birthday on Easter just FYI)
  • Stickers – obviously! I’m obsessed with my latest batch of flower ones ^_^ I’ve put them everywhere!
  • Fresh flowers; nothing says Spring like some colourful tulips!


Anyway, I must dash now before work piles up again! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day/week/month! Let me know what’s making you smile lately 🙂



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