My New Favourite Spring Scent: Monsoon Rose Gold

Hello lovelies!

I’m feeling good today, and I’m totally on my game when it comes to this here blog schedule! I have all my posts planned, ready and scheduled up until May, so you guys won’t be without content, while I’m moving home. Yay! After I got everything ready for the next two weeks, I still had lots of motivation and my fingers have been itching to type away. So I thought today I’d write about one of my recent favourites; Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume*.

Monsoon Rose Gold PerfumeRose Gold Perfume Monsoon

Firstly, we have to acknowledge the absolutely beautiful packaging that Monsoon have used for this scent. I’m a sucker for anything pretty, especially when it looks so ‘Instagrammable’ and luxurious; so you can imagine my delight when I seen this! And with a name like Rose Gold, they’re basically honing in on the huge blogger obsession!

It’s hard to put into words what I expected from this perfume. I can’t help sometimes having assumptions that if it’s not a high end label, it probably isn’t going to be as nice. I don’t know why I feel like this either, because in all other areas of my life, high end or bargains make ZERO difference to me. I’m happier with a cheaper price tag, and I don’t doubt it can be just as good in quality; whether it be shoes, clothing, whatever. But when it comes to perfumes?… Hmm.

So I think I expected this scent to smell a little cheaper, or to not last as long, or… something! But I couldn’t have been more wrong, and my bank balance is screaming with joy.

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

Monsoon Rose Gold* retails at £24 for 30ml, or £35 for 100ml, and is absolutely the best scent I’ve discovered in a long time. It smells of soft, velvet roses and tiny hints of fruit. It smells luxurious and expensive, without being overpowering or too strong.

I find it incredibly hard to describe perfumes, but all I can say is I’m totally in love with Monsoon Rose Gold. It’s something I keep spraying myself with every single day now, and I’ve gotten a few compliments already! People assume I’m wearing something much more expensive too, which speaks volumes on quality. I absolutely recommend you all go give this a try, as I guarantee so many of you will love it. I also think this seems like the perfect scent for warmer seasons too, so I’ll probably continue to wear this throughout the next few months!

Basically, it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Have any of you guys given this a try yet? 🙂



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