5 Favourite Lipsticks For Spring

Spring lipstick

There are certain lipsticks I reach for all year round; no matter what I’m wearing, what hair colour I have, what season it is. I love them so much, I know I’ll always feel pretty wearing them. Then there are the others in my collection I wear only at certain times. When the weather is colder, when my hair or makeup is done a certain way, or when I’m simply feeling more bold.

Lately I’ve been reaching for pinks and peaches, above all else! I’m not saying I’m totally dedicated to one colour, after all, I’m a rainbow sort of girl! But pink is certainly the shade I’m totally favouring for Spring, and I love girly colours.

So today I thought I’d share with you guys the top five pink/peach Spring lipsticks from my collection, which I’m kind of in love with. Maybe it’ll inspire some of you to try pink tone if you aren’t usually a girly girl 🙂

Spring lipstick

From left to right; Soap and Glory ‘Technicoral‘, Makeup Revolution ‘Girls Best Friend‘, Tanya Burr ‘Just Peachy‘, I Heart Makeup ‘Marshmallow Kiss‘, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ‘Sydney‘.

Spring lipstick

Soap and Glory ‘Technicoral is a gorgeous, soft, easy wear gloss stick. It’s super nourishing and full of moisture, which almost applies and feels like a balm for your lips! However it’s super pigmented still and gives a full colour lip, in a gorgeous tangerine pink shade. This screams Spring/Summer! 🙂

Makeup Revolution ‘Girls Best Friend is probably the most girly shade of all, echoing serious barbie vibes. I understand this aint’ for the faint-hearted or people not so swayed by pink; but I love it! I tend to either keep my makeup really neutral while wearing this, OR totally vamp it up with a contrasting colour, like lilac, to go for a super colourful style.

Tanya Burr ‘Just Peachy’ is the product that definitely surprised me most. I’m pretty sure I grabbed this in Boots one day when I quickly realised I’d left the house without any lipstick/gloss/balm, and just seen this and thought ‘Why not?’. I’m not a fan of Tanya Burr at all, but I have to say, I’ve ended up loving this gloss! It adds a lovely shine without the sticky feeling, gives a super pretty peachy pink shade, and is really easy to apply on the go. Perfect Spring lipstick, IMO. I’d even say I’d happily buy more of these, in different shades! Not what I expected at all.

I Heart Makeup ‘Marshmallow Kiss is one I’ve had for ages now, and still come back to when I need an easy daytime peachy pink. It’s soft, lasts a good amount of time, and leaves my lips full of moisture. Plus these babies are sooo cheap! Definitely a favourite of mine. Plus, I kind of love the name?

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ‘Sydney is definitely my favourite of all these! I absolutely adore the NYX lip creams, they last for absolutely ages, and give a really great, high pigmented colour that POPS. I have a few different shades, but Sydney is definitely the one I’m favouring for Spring right now. It’s a beautiful light pink that isn’t too wild or daring, so it’s easy to wear this daily with anything. Fans of matte lips will love it as it doesn’t dry out your lips either!


So what do you guys think? What Spring lipsticks have you been loving? 🙂




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