3 Girl Bosses I Admire

Happy weekend guys!

I’m currently enjoying a lolly ice (no, I won’t be saying ice lolly even if I live down South now!), and trying to keep cool during this sudden heatwave. This weekend I’m determined to get on top of my blog schedule, get the living room all ready for the new sofa coming Tuesday (finally!!) and keep my painting spree going by going crazy on a canvas or two.


I thought today would be the perfect chance to inspire you guys, by sharing some of the work of three of my fave girl bosses; who are absolutely killing it lately! Each one has motivated and pushed me to keep doing my own thing, and they’re all lovely gals to boot.

First up is Laura Jane Williams, who you’ve probably already heard of. LJ is such a bloody awesome soul; she’s hilarious, truthful, inspiring and never stops pushing herself. I’ve spent the last 8 weeks reading her latest book ‘Ice Cream For Breakfast’*, and then reading it all over again. It’s absolutely full to the brim of inspiring words, life lessons, and motivational tools. LJ reminds us of all the great things about childhood that we should be taking into adult life; and it really left my heart glowing. In fact, I can honestly say my sudden painting kick was greatly inspired by this book. I stopped worrying what people would think, and simply reached for the brushes. You NEED to read this.

Next up is the truly lovely Collette, of InkedHibiscus Designs. I have loved and admired this girl for a long time, and now that she has the GREATEST crafty shop ever, I’m in total awe! Her shop is full of crochet pieces, things you couldn’t even imagine you could create, and they’re all beautiful! I recently spied her pastel rainbow brooch, and I knew I HAD to have it! It’s SO ME. The colours are so pretty, and it’s made to a really high quality, and packaged with love and care. I know first hand how much it means when someone buys something from me; so PLEASE do consider purchasing something special from Collette, as she’s so talented and her designs are always bargain price!

And last but certainly not least, is Phoebe from Bespoke Bracelets*. Phoebe is a blogger I’ve loved for so long now, and to see her creating something she loves and doing something so well, is truly inspiring! She very kindly offered to customise a few bracelets just for me, and I couldn’t believe how truly pretty they were!

She sent me out ones with my name and Gary’s name on, a super awesome Girl Gang one, and two other special pieces in a range of colours with different designs. I am so impressed by the personal service she offers, and the quality is just beautiful. These types of bracelets make beautiful gifts and treasures for people who want something a little more personal, and also give me such a nostalgic feel! They remind me of concerts and childhood all in one go! You can also find updates on Phoebe’s Instagram for Bespoke Bracelets, and see the huge range of products she has on offer! I do hope you guys will check out her shop!

What girl bosses are you loving and admiring lately? OR, tell me how YOU are rocking things! 🙂


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