The #IdealGirlsNightIn PJ Party!*

If you haven’t noticed the past few months; Ideal World are absolutely rocking it with their fun online events, chats and getting involved with the blogging community. I’ve taken part in a few chats before, after seeing some of my fave bloggers all coming together to make it a really special one; and they’re so much fun!

Ideal World are hosting on their Twitter this Friday, the PERFECT girls night in event, and we’re all invited! 7:30pm Sharp! Bring popcorn, pjs, and all the LOLZ. It’s a great way to get to know loads of other bloggers, and just fab beauty enthusiasts in general. It’s on for an hour, and Ideal World TV are hosting the Girls Night In event on their channel (starting at 8) too! They’re gonna have the very best beauty recommendations, and special guests!

Last time I got involved and got chatting to the lovely folk over at Ideal World, it really opened my eyes as to how many amazing and unique beauty products they actually stock. They even very kindly sent me some of their current faves ahead of the event, so I could try them out and share all my thoughts in the chat! I thought that was pretty awesome, because you get the expert opinion, and you’ll also get my downright straightforward novice opinion, and all my first impressions and feedback. That’s why they’re killing it with bloggers in this community these days; they’re asking for genuine connections and real feedback, so I’m super impressed!

I thought today I’d share my first impressions with you guys on the products, and give a little rundown on what they have to offer.

Lusardi My Miracle Recharge Night Cream*:

If you’re a new reader to this blog, you won’t know of my skincare obsession yet. Basically, I adore trying new skincare, and I’m always on the hunt for that new special something to help keep me looking like a hot young thang, y’know? Skincare feels like such a wonderful indulgence, because it’s not just like makeup that washes odd. You’re truly investing in your skin, and giving it some love for the long haul.

Anyway, it’s fair to say I was keen to try the Lusardi Night Cream. I usually stick to a certain Recovery Oil for my night time routine; however, the nights are SO MUCH warmer now, I can’t bear to put oil on my face. First impressions on this night cream leave me hopeful that it’ll be a great replacement for Summer. It’s cooling, super smooth, and sinks into the skin much easier without an oily residue. It feel luxurious and I’m happy to report my skin feels soft using it; however I must reiterate that these are only my first impressions! I’ll be sure to give a full report after a month or two using consistently. But so far, I’m really happy! 🙂 AND Linda Lusardi herself will be joining in the Girls Night In event on the show!

Change Perfume Lisa Riley*:

A lovely little surprise was when I unboxed this gorgeous floral and oriental perfume from Lisa Riley. This fragrance is perfect for Spring and Summer, and you can immediately smell notes of orange and jasmine; some of my favourites! I’ve been using this as a day to day perfume, but it’s rich enough to wear as an evening scent too. I absolutely love this, and can’t stop raving about it!

Liquilift Slenderwrap*:

The very intriguing Liquilift Slenderwrap was included in my goodybox, and I can’t bloody wait to try this one out! It’s designed to target inch loss and improve appearance on uneven skin, especially for thighs, arms, stomach and chin. I would absolutely love this to help improve my confidence with my arms, as I currently have ZERO. As we’re heading into Summer and I’ll be wearing sleeveless tops more, this would be amazing! It contains all natural botanicals and a range of essential vitamins so it feels like you’re truly getting something wonderful! I’ll keep you guys posted!

Trophy Skin MiniMD Microdermabrasion System*:

By far my fave item out of the whole lot, already!
Okay, so I kind of jumped in head first there. But really, this portable tool is a god send for those who obsess over their pores like me. It’s safe for all skin types and is gentle on sensitive skin, while still providing a thorough and amazing treatment right at home. Using diamond exfoliation and gentle suction to really tackle those tough spots, it buffs away dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin. Mine is already feeling more radiant and softer! I would 100% recommend this product already, and I’ve only used it a few times so far. Impressive!


As you can see guys, Ideal World really do have such a range of products, and there are soooo many more available on their website. Be sure to join in with our PJ party Friday 2nd at 7:30pm on Twitter, using #IdealGirlsNightIn ! It’s set to be amazing.


Lots of love!




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