My Typical Work Routine

While my job is anything but predictable; I’ve found myself for the past two years in the same sort of routine day to day. Some tweaks have been made here and there to the times I work, to accommodate my fiance’s schedule and make the most of time off together; but other than that not much has changed.

So I thought today today I’d share some details of my work routine with you guys (and some other things I include in my routine), since I often get asked about it. I’m not saying this routine is perfect, but it’s definitely what works best for me. The only time I alter from this routine is when something unexpected comes up, or I’m unwell.



I’m usually up and ready by 8:00am, and I’ll have my breakfast at the dining table while browsing emails and uploading my first Instagram post of the day. I’ll get rid of any obvious junk mail immediately, and gloss over what other emails need first priority. Then I’ll reply to these immediately, as I like to keep on top of all emails or my inbox can get quite overwhelming.

I then proceed to publish the day’s blog post, and schedule tweets for the next 24 hours. I have scheduled tweets going out every hour of the day; a lot I know! But it’s so effective. I do vary what tweets go out though, as I’d never want my feed to be repetitive.

Then I’ll package up any Etsy orders that are ready to post, and nip to the Post Office before Lunch. Depending on orders and the products going out, this can take anywhere from one hour to four.


My fiance Gary and I will have lunch together, and try to spend a ‘lunch hour’ in each others company since our evening time is limited (Gary works late afternoon to evening shifts, meaning he doesn’t get home until after 10). After lunch I focus the next few hours on design work and Etsy sales. If I have people scheduled in for custom work, this is generally when it’ll get done. Then I’ll check my Etsy, and this is also when I’ll prepare orders so that they’re ready for my next Post Office trip (I usually go twice a week).

Late afternoon (around 5pm) I’ll then see Gary off to work, and prepare for my evening of creativity.


Night’s are the time when my creativity most comes alive, especially when Gary’s at work and I’m alone. So this is when I’ll write blog posts, paint, draw and collage. This is when I’m most active on Instagram stories if anyone was wondering, as I love to share my process. I’ll have music or movies on to accompany me, as I work away on the canvas/sketchbook. It’s definitely my happy time.

Once Gary’s home around 10:30-11pm, I’ll put away all materials and cook dinner for us. We have to eat dinner really late because of his routine, and so we usually watch TV for a few hours afterwards then and hang out.

And finally, I’ll do my skincare routine around 1am, and get into bed preparing to do it all again the next day! 🙂


(Weekends, I’ll try to do essential work in the mornings, and completely stop by midday. I try to make the most of time off with Gary!)


Let me know if you guys have any other questions about my routine, or you would like to see a more specific post on something blog/schedule related!


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