9 Blogs To Check Out Today

The best part of my week is when I get those little chances to snuggle on the sofa (or in bed!) and binge in some good old reading of blogs old and new. I love visiting my favourites, seeing what they have been up to, or finding a new treasure within the blogging world. It’s absolutely perfect when you find a new blog that you love instantly; their style, their writing, the photography, when they seem to love all the same things as you – you can get lost within their archive of posts for hours! It reminds me why I love blogging so much.

With this in mind I wanted to share the links of my August advertisers today, and hopefully help you guys find a new blog to love! Let me know if you find any treasures, and be sure to share the love!


1. Ramblings of a Jaffa Cat – Great for lifestyle posts, chatty updates, behind the scenes and happy things!

2. BeautChic – Perfect for beauty lovers, amazing photography and detailed product reviews.

3. The Curvaceous Vegan – One to read for addictive blog posts, relatable writing and an all round lovely blogger!

4. Over Peach Chic – Chatty lifestyle posts, refreshingly honest writing and a variety of awesome topics!

5. Sunshine Sarah – A variety of beauty, lifestyle, food and drink posts, and much more!

6. Sweet Elyse – The cutest blogging duo with a range of lifestyle, beauty, travel and food posts.

7. Kayleigh Zara – An amazing collection of lifestyle, beauty, blogging posts all from one cool gal.

8. Jess and Josh Cook – My fave foodie team ever! Recipes, food and drink reviews, lifestyle posts & much more.

9. A Cornish Geek – Don’t let the name fool ya, this girl is as cool as they come. Beautiful photography and wonderful lifestyle, book, parenting posts!



What blogs have you loved lately? 🙂



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