Sunday Slumber

Another week gone by! Sunday is here and instead of having a lazy day; Gary and I are planning on heading into town for a little shopping trip, and I have a Lush gift card just dying to be used! I absolutely love Sundays whatever we do, as Gary and I so rarely get time off together these days.

I’ve been reflecting on all the good things from this week, and thought I’d share them with you!

This week’s best bits:

1. Attending the Lush Plymouth event, which was my first ever since moving to Plymouth. It was awesome! Everyone was so lovely and friendly, and the guys at Lush were so helpful and informative. I’ll be doing a whole post on this soon!

2. OMG I’VE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR AN AWARD!! Guys, if any of you reading this fancies voting for me; I’m up for ‘Best Established Blog’ and I can’t believe it! You can vote here, and make my day! I would honestly be SO DAMN grateful! I know deep down I don’t have a chance against such amazing babes, but I’m happy for any vote I can get! 🙂

3. Instagram – I’ve changed up my Insta lately, and I’m so happy! I’ve been making a real effort, taking all photos on my DSLR and keeping my editing minimal. I want good quality, cosy, pretty photos that blend my everyday life and creative adventures. Come follow me and let me know what you think.

4. Feeling inspired – I’ve been working away on a project that brings me so much joy, and it’s amazing! I’ve cleared my schedule and been dedicating all my time towards this project, and I can’t wait to show you guys!

5. The rain – YES I am super excited to have loads more rainy days! Not long to go now until Autumn…


Plans for next week:

1. Hoping to find an effective new way to save money. Anyone got any tips, apps or suggestions?

2. Finish my book – I’m reading an Agatha Christie and loving it, its been so much fun. What shall I try next?

3. Bake – I’m going to tackle baking chocolate brownies, wish me luck! I’m terrible in the kitchen, but it’ll be fun.


How has your week been? 🙂




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