5 Ways My Instagram Has Changed This Year

There’s so much debate about Instagram these days, with every new update. The general consensus is ‘What the f**k Instagram?!’ and especially those of us in the blogging world, are left quite pissed off. However, we all continue to use it as we love the app for what it was created for at its roots, and it’s great to have a visual diary of your world and be able to share it with others. It’s just a shame that the algorithm is beating down users and making our stats a bit ridiculous in general.

Today I wanted to share how my own Instagram has changed in 2017. As we near the end of the year (it’s not far off!), I can see a massive difference to when I was posting things in January, and wanted to highlight some of these for you guys today.

Good or bad, here’s the lowdown on how things have changed on Insta for me personally.


1. My theme

I started the year with the most colourful theme ever, that was my thing for a while. I’m a colourful person and I can’t stick to perfect white/pink flatlays so a rainbow sort of theme seemed great for me. However, even though I embrace colour as much as always; these days my theme isn’t as ‘rainbow’ as it once was. I like embracing the darker sides to my personality through my photographs and artwork, and sharing a bit more of my alt/messy style. I’m quite happy with this truthfully, but I know my Insta looks less themed now, and harder to appeal to people. But I’m enjoying it!

2. Instapods.

I’ve never been in many, but I think at the start of the year I was in 3 small pods. I always do the same thing; I join as I love the sense of a small community and helping each other out. I’m always disappointed as it’s more just a case of posting photos and never talking to each other (this isn’t a bad thing, just me having unrealistic expectations). Also, I get lazy, which means I only end up going on the app once a day or something, and then there’s a list of people’s photos I need to go comment and like. Let me be clear here, I WANT to do it anyway, it’s always been people I’ve loved anyway and appreciate their feed. But HAVING to do it, and feeling like I can’t post until I’ve finished my ‘Instapod to-do list’ was annoying AF. So in the past few months, I’ve left each pod and just done this thing alone. Also I can’t be doing with little drill sergeants on Insta…

3. Hashtags.

I started out the year terrrible with hashtags, not knowing what to use and generally just slapping anything down. Then I got a bit savvy about it, researched what other people with similar feeds use, made a list of loads I could choose from, and generally tried to mix it up as much as possible. I’ve even dedicated a page in my bullet journal to this list, and organised them (I’m fun at parties). However, now that my photos are still doing SO badly, in fact, worse than EVER; I’ve stopped even caring about hashtags a bit. I will use them every few photos, but I’m no longer worrying which ones I use, if I’m mixing them up well, etc. My feed is getting battered by the algorithm either way, so why am I putting so much hard work in? Fuck it.

4. Instastories

This is definitely the only thing that’s stayed positive for me! I love Instastories. As someone who always WANTS to create Youtube videos and vlogs, but can never quite be arsed; this is the perfect substitute. I love snapping random pics of my day, sharing my thoughts, showing my Art process, and generally not feeling at all restricted. I love Instastories, and it’s the only thing I could applaud Instagram for right now.

5. General attitude

My attitude changes from week to week with Instagram now; but I guess overall I’d describe it as ‘mehh’. I’m no longer stressing about a feed, which sounds good doesn’t it? But it’s more because I’m annoyed at Instagram rather than feeling carefree. I don’t see the point in stressing over hashtags and best times to post and whatnot; because Instagram is battering me anyway. I have over 10,000 followers, and this week I’ve struggled to reach 100 likes on my photos. That is fucking RIDICULOUS. I am interactive on there, I like at least 40-50 images a day, I comment on at least 15-20 other accounts a day – but it still doesn’t make a difference. I thoroughly believe you have to be OBSESSED with Insta, and practically live on there to get anywhere. I see people who do this, and their accounts are flourishing. Good luck to them, because they are obviously putting in the hard work. I just don’t think one app alone should take up so much of my time and energy. I just want to share my work with others and create a nice feed! But my followers are dropping drastically and my likes are an absolute joke. So I guess all I can say is, ‘ahh well.’ Until Instagram sort it out, or another app comes along; I think I’ll just be trying to focus on what’s important and having fun with the app as much as I can. You can follow me here if you like!



What about you guys? Has Instagram changed for you much this year?



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