Monday Musings

Hi guys! I’ve decided to start up a new little series on this blog, called Monday Musings. I simply wanted a way to check in with you guys each week, where I can share all the little goings on from my life! I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love you to share with me in the comments how your Monday is going!…

What the weekend consisted of

Staying in pyjamas with Gary, reorganising the office, trying to get over a creative slump, and watching a lot of Netflix. It’s felt good to have a really slow weekend to be honest, and take things easy. I’m always rushed off my feet and just doing things; but this weekend I was forced to STOP. It weren’t all bad. But I’m ready to start this week off productively!


Jeffrey Deaver ‘The Burning Wire’. I love the Lincoln Rhyme series (so far) and crime/thrillers are always my fave! Definitely try out Deaver’s books if you love them too.


The Guilty Feminist podcast. I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about podcasts, and someone recommend I try The Guilty Feminist. Oh my word, it’s AMAZING. Seriously so funny, interesting, thought-provoking and different from anything else I’ve heard. I have been binge listening to all the episodes and can’t get enough! It’s also introduced me to so many amazing comedians, actresses, activists and writers.

Also loving my new print, I genuinely had fun creating this one and hope you guys love it too! Get yours here.


Having the type of personality that can’t relax. Being poor. Being far away from my closest friends.

Can’t stop…:

Asking Gary to braid my hair (he does it so well!) and eating crackers with Philidelphia on.

Listening to:

A lot of Placebo lately. But that’s nothing unusual really I guess.


Criminal Minds (as always) and The Confession Tapes (on Netflix). The Confession Tapes are shocking and something I can’t tear my eyes away from! I’m not even finished

Things that have made me smile:

My friend Stacey sent me the cutest little friendship bracelet, as a surprise in the mail and it really made me smile! It hasn’t left my wrist and I genuinely love it! It’s little things that make a huge difference and knowing my friends care even from across the country is amazing.

This week’s plans:

More hiking, ASAP! I don’t mind going out alone, but I want to enjoy what time I have with Gary this week as he isn’t doing his usual day shifts. He would come with me, but he needs new walking shoes; so we have to wait until he gets some. Either way, I’ll get out at least once this week. I love walking through the forest, the valleys, along the river and seeing the views.

Looking forward to:

Seeing all my friends next month for a Halloween night out! Eep. It’ll be fun to be back in Liverpool again.

Inspired by:

I’m struggling for inspiration at the minute (it happens, it sucks); but I am loving the work of Elyse Blackshaw. Bloggers giving me life lately are Whitney and Lima. Both incredibly talented and amazing, so definitely check them out.


How’re you guys? 🙂




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