Thoughts on Self Care

For the past month or so, I’ve felt so much better about myself each day and I’ve made a real effort to look after my mental health, in ways that I would usually probably dismiss. It sounds so small and insignificant, but taking note of what you’re doing each day (down to the little details) can really help you see the bigger picture, and feel better in yourself.

Self care means different things to different people. For some it may mean making time to get in that early morning run, get your hair done, make time to work on your novel, or maybe it’s simply getting yourself out of bed on the worst days. For me, self care means taking a step back from work and doing things simply because they feel good. Listening to my mind and body, and taking a break when needed has made such a huge difference to me over this past month!

I have quite a hectic work schedule, and this won’t change because that comes with the territory of being self employed. I’ve spoken about how working for myself can affect my mental health; and it’s important for me to keep this in mind all the time, when working myself crazy.

So about 6 weeks ago, I put together a little list of things I wanted to make sure I did every single day. I knew I wanted to keep this list short and sweet, because another to-do list giving me pressure is not what I needed. I wanted a little daily reminder of things that make me feel better, or things that may seem basic; but can easily slip to the sidelines when I’m lost in a deadline. There have been many times I run myself into the ground and forget to eat, shower, and I definitely don’t make time to read!

Those days would leave me miserable. And by default, made me question many times working in this field, for myself. Was it worth it?

Turns out, I just needed to prioritise things. A little reminder can go a long way.

So I’ve put together these self care cheat sheets, and they’re available on my Etsy store. They are 100% customisable; meaning you can put together your own list of things you want on your sheet; and I’ll get it printed, laminated, and even send a cute little dry wipe marker along with it. The key thing here is that these are REUSABLE. I did not want people to have to buy more than one, ever. You know what self care means to you, so you get to choose what goes on your sheet, and then you can use it day in and day out, as a handy reminder to look after yourself.

Maybe you want a reminder to speak to a friend each day, do some yoga, draw, or fake tan! Whatever it is; pop it on the list. My list is pretty basic, it’s the day to day ‘norms’ that I take for granted; and so my list now helps me function so much better. I keep it on my white board above my desk, but you could keep yours in your journal, on the fridge, on your mirror – think where you’ll need it most!

Self care means making yourself a priority. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.


You can get your own cheat sheet here 🙂



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