Why I’m Disappointed With The Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

About two weeks ago, I was very kindly sent the brand new Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara*, and I was overjoyed! I love Urban Decay, and they’re definitely my favourite beauty brand EVER; so getting to try new products of theirs is a joy and a privilege.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful, and right up my street with a colourful, holographic sort of design. The wand on the product looked great too; it has a slim design with bristles designed to get right in there, helping those of us with even the smallest of lashes!

After using this mascara for the past two weeks though, I have to say I’m disappointed. But in all honesty? I didn’t expect miracles.

Maybe I’ll never be a mascara expert, or maybe my lashes really are just CRAP; but I have never seen the point in spending more than a few quid on a mascara, as they do nothing for me. The Urban Decay Troublemaker was the same. It was nice to use, it defines my lashes a little more, and makes me look a little more awake. But I can get the same effect with a cheap, £4 mascara unfortunately. I use eyelash curlers, I’ve tried every mascara under the sun (both high end and cheap) and I can honestly say my lashes are still just a bit mehh.

So I 100% understand that not everyone has this experience with mascara and their eyelashes; I’ve seen some amazing before and after shots from beauty bloggers! So I expect that there are people who will love and appreciate this more than me, and who will really truly get a great result from it.

But me? I think I’m just cursed to have tiny, straight lashes forever! I do like this product, and I am continuing to use it. But I like it in the sense that I like the other £4 mascara also. I’ll grab either in the morning, and can’t really tell a difference to be honest.

This retails at £19.50 on The Urban Decay website; so it’s fair to say I wouldn’t buy it myself. But I’d love to know what you guys think! Do you see a huge difference between different mascaras? Have you tried this particular one?


I can’t wait to see what Urban Decay release next, and I’m sad that this is the first product from them that I haven’t loved. But you can’t win ’em all eh?!




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