Photo Diary & 10 Happy Things This Week

Phew, what a week! Today is the first day I’ve had a real chance to sit down and chill out, since last Wednesday! For the past 10 days I’ve been so incredibly busy, and haven’t stopped at all. However it’s mostly been for awesome, happy reasons though; like visiting my family and friends in Liverpool.

I’ve spent barely any time on social media, so I thought today I’d share some snaps from my camera roll and some of the happiest things from the past two weeks. Enjoy!


1. Discovering ‘My Favourite Murder’ podcast. I’d been told to listen to this over and over by friends who know me well, and knew I’d go cray for this stuff. They were right, it’s so good! I’m gonna need a while to catch up to everyone else, but I’m enjoying it.

2. Seeing my Mum back in Liverpool was so lovely. I haven’t seen her in about 3 months and it’s incredibly hard to be so far away, but it’s wonderful when I do get the opportunity to. Especially if she cooks a roast dinner! Also kind of love her dog, Rodney.

3. Getting to hang out with all my best friends in Liverpool – yay! I’m SO so grateful for the gang I have, and it’s fab when we get together. Especially considering 3 of us don’t even live in Liverpool anymore, one is pregnant, another already has children, and we all have demanding jobs. Getting those special fleeting chances to hang out is THE BEST.

4. Sending a drunken voice note to someone I haven’t seen since school, was probably one of the more embarrassing things I’ve ever done. But we laughed, and got a chance to catch up because of it!

5. Halloween! While the night itself was quiet for me, the Saturday before it was a bit epic in Liverpool. Gary and I went out for drinks with loads of friends and had a right laugh! Seen some awesome costumes too.

6. Seeing the lovely Sam! I’m so lucky that I got the chance to hang with Sam while out in Liverpool, as I so very rarely get to see other bloggers, especially now that I’ve moved. She’s such a babe and has a heart of gold, so go follow!

7. My fave TV shows coming back. Yep, Autumn means all my series start up again and make me a very happy girl. Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy, Broad City, Stranger Things; HELL YES!

8. Holly coming to visit me and stay for two days in Plymouth is the best thing I could ask for! She’s one of my bestest buds, and I’m so lucky she made the trip to see me! I’m probably the most boring person ever, but she makes me feel loved and I could squish her! Also she kindly agreed to be on my very first episode of the new podcast I’m launching – YAY! (More info on this soon!)

9. This week I stocked up on Art supplies, yay! More pens, markers, canvases and sketchbooks have been added to my collection, and just in time since I seem to have had a wave of inspiration! I’ve been painting over on Instagram, and it brings me so much joy 🙂

10. Seeing my two cute kitties after a few days away, was the best!


What’s made you guys smile this week? 🙂





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