Putting Work First; Goals Or Glorification?

There are two trends I’ve noticed in the blogging community lately (or just social media in general); people low key bragging about how hard they’re working themselves into the ground, and other people almost kind of calling this out, and talking about the importance of time off, and how we shouldn’t glorify working constantly and having no life.

As much as I feel both sides, I wish to be in neither camp to be honest.

It’s so easy to only look at things from our own point of view and see the world through our very own filter; but damn, it’s worth opening our eyes a little wider.

Let me explain…

I work from home, I’m a freelance Artist and Blogger; and this is how I make my income. My fiance and I are on a very low income, and we live ‘wage to wage’; meaning we just about cover our bills and food, and don’t usually have any money spare. So holidays, designer purchases, brunches with the girls, even trips to see my family and friends are not usually options for me. That’s fine, we get by, I love what I do, and I’m very lucky in other ways. But here’s the thing; I have to work VERY hard, just to get that small income that I do. I have to work every single day, from early morning until late at night. I have to constantly come up with new ideas, try to live within a tiny budget, push myself and keep going (which can sometimes be the hardest challenge). It’s very rare I have time off, and if I do, I have to plan for it ahead of time and make up for it a hell of a lot when I’m ‘back to work’.

That’s not me glorifying work, that’s not me trying to look like a superstar, and that’s certainly not me being addicted to working hard. This is what I HAVE TO DO to get by. I would never try to advise this lifestyle to others, and I’m fully aware that I need more breaks, more time to myself, and more self care. It’s a big deal, but it’s also a luxury I just don’t have at the moment.

I certainly don’t agree with the social media perception that working hard is all that matters, and should be put before everything else. But I also don’t enjoy people on Twitter saying that I’m ‘glorifying’ a life of constant work. If I talk about how hard I’m working, I’m just venting! I’m just sharing my life with you, as real as it gets. I certainly don’t want people to see that as boasting or trying to get praise. Guys, I desperately need a break sometimes, and I don’t take care of myself enough. So please remember that when I tweet about still working past 1am. I’m not productivity GOALS, and I don’t want to be seen as something to aspire to. I’m working past 1am because I am desperately trying to earn enough money to pay a bill due in 3 days. Or make enough to order our next food shop. It’s not sexy.

So if you work hard everyday, go you! That’s cool that you push yourself. I feel ya.

If you recognise the importance of putting yourself first, and enjoying more than just work – me too! I totally agree.

But before you tweet that you’re ‘sick of people humble bragging about how hard they’re working, like it’s a competition’ – remember that those folk may be like me, forced to work this hard, this often. We don’t have the luxury of a break, or hanging with friends; and your words may shame us for doing what is necessary.

Just worth keeping in mind that we don’t all come under the strict umbrella of ‘hard worker’ OR ‘smug, puts-herself-first gal’. Life isn’t so black and white. Some of us are operating within the grey.





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