Build Your Own Latest In Beauty Box

I love trying out new beauty products, and monthly beauty boxes in general have always appealed to me; but it’s always a risk that you may end up with products you already have, that aren’t suitable for you, or you just plain don’t like. It’s not ideal is it? Well, that is until you discover the Latest In Beauty ‘Build your own box’* subscription! The lovely folk from Latest in Beauty kindly let me try out their Beauty Guru package which means I got to choose NINE products from their whole range, to put together in one perfectly pretty box.

They have three different packages available; The Beauty Guru Package (£18) for 9 products, The Beauty Enthusiast Package (£15) for 6 products, and The Beauty Novice Package (£9) for 3 products per month. There’s free delivery on all the boxes and you can unsubscribe at any time; yay! This gives everyone the freedom to try new things and make sure they’re always getting their money’s worth; rather than risking it with other beauty subscriptions out there!

So what did I decide to go for, for my nine specially chosen products?

  • Bee Good Youth Enhancing, Hydrate, Smooth & Prime Serum
  • Bee Good Youth Enhancing, Pump & Firm Moisturiser
  • Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in ‘I Love Applause’
  • Mini OPI Nail Lacquer in ‘Race Red’
  • Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water
  • KIKO Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in ’04’
  • Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick in ‘Chic’
  • St Tropez Gradual Tinted Tan
  • Oway Moiturising Hair Mask

I’ve always loved the Bee Good brand and I’d used the Plump & Firm Moisturiser before, so I knew how good this was already! I couldn’t resist picking it up again, and having really rejuvenated skin that feels super smooth to touch. I was new to their Prime Serum though, so I’ve been trying it out for the past two weeks. It comes out like a creamy texture which I didn’t expect; and I worried that it may leave my skin a little greasy after moisturising. I needn’t have worried though, this bad boy sinks into the skin and only leaves the lushest, silky feeling, perfect for then applying my makeup onto. I did notice it kept my eyeshadow on especially well, and helped it resist creasing! I’m so happy with these two products from Bee Good, and they were definitely faves within my box!

OPI is a nail brand that we all probably know and love, and so I knew it was a no-brainer to include two of their shades in my box. I went for a pretty pastel pink for when I’m feeling girly and feminine, and then a bold red for when I need some sassy vibes going on. They apply beautifully as OPI always do, and last much better than your average drugstore polish.

I also included the Simple Micellar Water, as I’ve tried this before and it’s definitely always a welcome addition to my collection. This cleanses the skin while removing makeup, and leaves me feeling fresh and clean; without drying out my skin at all. I actually prefer to use this one in the morning, just to freshen my face up after a night of heavy dreamin’ and such. It feels like a breath of fresh air, and is always a bargain price too tbh.

Kiko is a brand I’ve never tried before, even though I’ve been meaning to for years! I’m not sure why I’d never gotten around to it, but thanks to the Latest In Beauty box; I was able to take advantage this month. I decided to try one of their Creamy Stick Blushes, and chose a deep peachy pink. I wish I could tell you a shade name, but I’m not sure if they have one! I do know it’s shade ’04’, but not much else on the packaging gives me a clue. That was my first disappointment really, as I tend to remember shade names much better, making it easy to buy my favourites again! Ahh well. The formula itself was really nice, it applies really well and is SO EASY to subtly add onto my cheeks. I worried that using a stick would mean it applies harshly and too obvious, but I found it really blends well actually. My only tiny other complaint would be that this doesn’t seem to last as well as some of my other blushes. I’m only ever putting a light layer of blush on; y’know for a ‘cute’ rosy cheeks vibes, I really don’t want to be looking like my cheeks have been pinched for hours. However the Kiko blush seems to just disappear after an hour or two, leaving my face a little too pale and bland for my liking.

So all in all.. very pretty, applies lovely, but doesn’t last as well as I’d hope.


The Lord & Berry Lip Crayon was an instant winner, as I knew it would be to be honest! I’m already a fan of their lip crayons, so I knew adding another shade into my collection would be a good choice. This time I went for a very girly (almost Barbie!) pink. I’m craving Spring and I’m keen to invite all the pretty colours into my life at the moment, so this called out to me. It’s SO soft and feels really lovely and light on the lips, and I’m always happy with the staying power. Definitely one I’d recommend you guys try!

Finally the last item I tried was the Oway Moisturising Hair Mask; which I was very keen to try. I’m always adding hair masks to my collection, to make sure I keep my hair in tip-top condition. I love dying it fun colours, but if I don’t look after it often; it can look hideous within a week or two! I found this hair mask to be just enough to cover my hair at 50ml, so I only got one use out of it. Worth noting if you have really long or thick hair (of which I have neither!). However the effects of the mask were wonderful! I left this on for 15 minutes before rinsing out; and found that my hair felt gloriously soft amd smooth. When I was blow drying it I could see the effects even more; no frizziness and it was so much silkier than usual; I couldn’t stop running my hands through it! I found I didn’t need to straighten my hair like usual to tame it; so this hair mask saves me using heat which I LOVE! I’d definitely buy this again; but I do wish they did a bigger tube for the same price.

The only product in my box I’m still yet to try, is the St Tropez Gradual Tan. I’ve used St Tropez before and it’s the only tanning product I like; as it doesn’t look me looking orange and streaky, and makes my pale skin look naturally more glowy. I am however saving this product for Spring, hehe! So when I first start wearing sundresses, I can cheat my way to looking a little more sunkissed.


I have loved the Latest In Beauty concept of building your own box! It’s a game changer for me, and definitely feels more worth the money than other sub boxes.

What do you guys think? Do you like having a surprise or would you love to build your own box? 🙂




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