URBAN DECAY NAKED HEAT PALETTE* – It’s the palette of the Summer, and it’s HERE. The blogging community has gone wild for this new eyeshadow palette from those clever folk over at Urban Decay, with photos of it popping up everywhere in the past few weeks.… View Post

Love or hate ’em; podcasts are big again. They started off big, then sort of died out, and now they’re huger than ever. People turn to podcasts for entertainment, news, inspiration, and so much more. Because podcasts don’t stop you from whatever other tasks you… View Post

WHO LOVES NEW BEAUTY? I know I certainly do! If it weren’t clear already; I get so excited when I come across a brand I’ve not tried before. Even better when I’ve read rave reviews from my favourite beauty bloggers. So when LOLA dropped on… View Post

Hi guys! Hope this week is treating you kindly so far. I’ve been seeing so many photographs of everyone going on their holidays lately, or travelling to new places; and I’m so jealous! I won’t be able to take any trips until next year, but… View Post

While I adore sharing this blog with you guys, and connecting over all my various social media; I’m very aware that you’re only seeing a tiny snippet of my life. Sometimes this is a great thing (no one needs to see me slobbing on the… View Post