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Quiet Moments

5th January 2015

Sometimes life happens in big, sudden ways. It can all change in an instant. And when we look back over events in our life, or even just the past year; (as a lot of us are right now), we only seem to remember the defining memories or days. We forget all about the slow, insignificant, small moments that led us to that point. We forget about the journey. So I’ve been thinking about these quiet moments lately. I’ve been trying to think of small snippets from the past weeks, months, years – where nothing particularly extraordinary happened; but everything was in the motion of change.

I can remember there being confusion on the day of choosing my college studies, and instead of opting for English Literature, Psychology and Art as planned.. I ended up studying Art full time on a whim.


I can remember leaving my house, taking a train and leaving the city, not realising I wouldn’t be going back.


I can remember thinking of phoning my Dad one evening, but sensing it was a little too late to call. I didn’t know at the time it would always be too late.


I can remember talking to a guy online and thinking he seemed pretty cool. Four years have passed and I still think he’s pretty cool.


All these moments have one thing in common; they weren’t huge. I didn’t know at the time they would change my life in a big way, or affect me so deeply from then on. It makes me wonder what small changes are occurring right now, that I’m not even aware of. What will the future hold for me from choices I’ve made today? If anything, I’m learning to respect and appreciate the everyday. Because every single day of my life I’m taking steps towards a future, and each step could actually be a huge leap in disguise. So I’ll do the best I can, I’ll enjoy this quiet moment sitting with someone I love, I’ll write how I’m feeling, and I’ll look forward to tomorrow.

What moments will make up your 2015 I wonder?





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